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There are just too many random "holidays" popping up. We firmly believe this.

Yet Friday is National Grilled Cheese Day, which may be the best one ever!

If there’s anything better than a day built around indulging in crispy, butter-grilled bread and melted cheese, we can’t really imagine what that might be.

You can even make this the ultimate made-up holiday and combine it with National Siblings Day. Invite your brother and sister out for one! Win-win!


The best thing about grilled cheese sandwiches is that they can be a gourmet delight or a quick, easy meal, depending on one’s approach and technique.

If there’s anything worthy of its own month – April is apparently National Grilled Cheese Month, and Friday is National Grilled Cheese Day – this is it.

While you can rarely go wrong with this simple delicacy (part of its mass appeal), allow us to recommend a couple of grilled cheese recipes in particular.