Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton Perform "Come Together" on The Voice

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Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton came together to perform "Come Together" on an emotional season premiere of The Voice Monday night.

The quartet kicked off the show with a group performance of the Beatles song, with Levine on drums, Adam on harmonica and Blake and Usher on guitars.

It was pretty awesome. Check it out if you missed it ...

While Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will be missed, if there were any doubt that Shakira and Usher couldn't hold their own, you can forget about it.

Spurred on by Levine and Shelton - a venerable comedic duo by any measure - the new coaches turned on the charm and also let the competitive juices flow.

How do you think they did? Vote in our survey below:

Shakira and Usher as The Voice coaches ...


The Voice Season 4 Premiere: Shakira, Usher Debut Full Video here


Can't stand Shakira! Get Christina back ASAP! Usher is just blahhh . . . but tolerable.


i love cee-lo too but usher was fantastic. they are all wonderful together and shakira is a darling. loved the show, will watch it every time over anything else.


Enjoyed the show. Liked Shakira, Usher came across as too arrogant/fake.
Would have preferred if cee-lo were still there instead of Usher.
Show might get a bit boring though without some of the catty drama/tension it used to have.


Show was awesome! I Love Blake Shelton! I also think Usher is good for the show, Shakira needs polishing, but i think she'll be okay. I loved Danielle, the 16 year old,she rocked! Thats who i will be sticking with. Rock on Vpice!!! After Terry. McDermott lost which he should of won i thought id never watch again, but with crabby Christina gone, im happy!

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