Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Leave Me Alone!

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According to a new tabloid report, Robert Pattinson is starting to sound a lot like Kristen Stewart.

With the actor filming a new movie in Australia, sources have said Rupert Sanders has been receiving the stiff arm from his ex-make out mate, rejected every time he tries to reach out to K. Stew.

But apparently that's the same reaction Pattinson has every time Stewart wants to chat.

Robert Pattinson Looks Down
Kristen Stewart Limping

“Rob doesn’t want her to visit,” a friend tells In Touch Weekly. “He felt like they needed space. He wants a break.”

A permanent one? That's what Stewart fears.

“Kristen calls him nonstop in Australia,” the pal adds. “He knows she’s just checking up on him because she’s crazy insecure.”

Prior to jetting thousands of miles away, Pattinson allegedly told Stewart he needed "space, but that doesn't mean it's been easy for her to accept. Far from it, in fact, according to this insider:

"She can't let go."

Have you seen Robert Pattinson? Who could?!?


u have no right to say that,u probly dont know alll the facts so stop critisizing kristin she is trying to make things work so leave her alone and stop bitching!!!!!


i think rob needs some space from kristen so she should just back off because she is only makeing things worse


Dump that cheating bitch and find someone loyal!


Assuming Rob is back in LA this weekend, the world will likely know whether they continue to hang out/live together with a matter of days. What a relief from endless copies of these same articles!


Such uncertainty is horrible. Including everything seems to come to an end and we are very sorry.


............stop talking him around!!

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