Octomom Nanny to DCFS: Help! She's on Drugs!

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Nadya Suleman was paid another visit by the Los Angeles Department of Child Services amid fresh allegations that she is unfit to raise her 14 kids.

Amazingly, this is unrelated to the Octomom topless strip club gig.

Octomom Bangs

Workers from the DCFS arrived at Nads' home Saturday night after a former nanny complained that she's been under the influence and her kids are suffering.

According to the nanny, Octomom is on drugs, drinking heavily to the point of blacking out and forgetting key details (reporting her kid missing when he wasn't, etc).

Moreover, Nadya Suleman lives in a filthy house, allegedly leaves her kids unbathed for days at a time and does not change their clothes for weeks in some cases.


DCFS made Octomom aware of the allegations against her, searched the premises and asked a ton of questions regarding her situation / condition before leaving.

Apparently DCFS didn't feel there was enough evidence to yank the kids out of the home - there's a VERY high threshold for that - but an investigation is pending.

The agency has been there many times before. Most recently, in April 2012, her hair stylist complained of horrendous living conditions and DCFS showed up.

She was allowed to keep the kids then, miraculously. Will she be granted the same right this time? Or will officials finally decide that enough is enough?

On the plus side ... the Octomom porn recently won some AVN Awards. Actually maybe that's not a plus in this case, but congrats just the same, Octo.

You tell us, THGers: Should Nadya's kids be taken away?


I'd hit it.


She's disgusting and those kids need to be out of there.


The state will take the kids either when she ods or when one of the kids goes missing

Claudine hardin

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@ Claudine Hardin

You look like you could use the D.


Whatever. Same old, same old. But with no more media money. Now that her former manager BackdoorGina's finally dumped her, she just fell off the bottom rung of the bottom feeder's ladder. She's too wasted to function, she can't live on the welfare money she's got because pills and vodka aren't free and still pay her rent and she's screwed over everyone who has tried to help her, so no one is going to try. Including the Beg Sites. Kids? What kids? Likely she'll next go the predictable attempted OD route for more media facetime, and then finally give up the 8 to the woman who wants to raise them. Dump the rest on her parents like she did before, get well-paid by the media for a career of day-time TV whining how she gave up her kids for the sake of the kids and squander that by shopping , chopping and tweaking herself into whatever miserable end she's made for herself.
Once she does get arrested then CPS will finally step in. And this is LA CPS, not cushy OC looking the other way. She finally is done, done,done.


why did you think she went in the pornbusiness for?

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