Mischa Barton Accused of Stiffing Sober Coaches

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Mischa Barton is refusing to pay a team of sober coaches who claim the troubled actress racked up a huge bill for using their services back in 2009.

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She was ordered to pay $95,000 (!) to Doctors' Choice Nursing in 2011. Barton did not show up to answer the suit, so a default judgment was reached.

The nature of the services has been a mystery, until this week in court, when the owner of DCN explained that the nurses were hired to keep Mischa sober.

The owner did not specify which substance Mischa was abusing.

Mischa's lawyer was in court Thursday fighting the default judgment and grilled the owner of DCN about why she hadn't notified Mischa of the mounting bill.

DCN replied that it didn't want the stress of the mounting bill to exacerbate Mischa's sobriety issues, which have been an ongoing factor since The OC.

The owner said it was their job to keep her sober before an important acting gig in 2009, when she starred on the CW's short-lived The Beautiful Life.

Mischa's lawyer contends it was the actress' mother who hired the nurses and should therefore have to pay, not Mischa. A judge has yet to rule in the case.

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