Ben Affleck Shaves Beard, Satisfies Wife

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How do you celebrate the biggest awards victory of your life?

If you are Ben Affleck, and Argo just took home the Oscar for Best Picture, you finally make your famous wife happy... by shaving your bushy beard!

As first reported by TMZ, Affleck has returned to the land of the clean shaven by actually  giving himself a shave in the hallway of a Beverly Hills restaurant.

Why did he finally ditch the look? Sources say Jennifer Garner wasn't a fan. But were you? Which Ben Affleck do you like best?

And the Winner is?

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Ben Affleck Biography

Ben Affleck and daughter, Violet
Ben Affleck is Jennifer Garner's husband. He's also an actor that may actually have a brighter future as a director. Either way, he's a... More »
Berkeley, California
Full Name
Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt