Rihanna: Chris Brown Comes Before Everyone Else

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Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at Staples Center on Christmas and in bed on New Year's. To sources close to the on-again couple, it's no surprise.

The bad girl singer's actions prove one thing: Chris is all that matters.

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Originally, the plan was for Chris Brown to spend the holiday in Bardados with Rihanna and all of her family and friends - and then he pulled a no-show.

Too bad, due to the Rihanna nude photos that came out of that trip. But he saw the real deal soon enough, when she raced back to L.A. to be with him.

“She immediately flew back to Los Angeles to be with him,” a close friend says. “She ditched all her friends and family without a second thought."

"The only person she cares about it Chris; everyone else comes second.”

The two spent New Year’s Day together in bed, giving themselves away by each sharing a photo on Instagram in a bed with the same sheets! So cute!

Or not. Some fans and friends are understandably put off by this charade.

It goes beyond Chris' 2009 beating of Rihanna; he jettted off to Paris and clearly put it to Karrueche Tran (and possibly Ayem Nour) on the side just a few weeks ago.

Still, Rihanna can't get enough of her once and future man.

"He and Rihanna are crazy as hell," says a source. "Chris had a bomb ass time with Rihanna over Christmas. He painted this picture of him and her together and it’s [amazing]."

"It’s tight as f**k. It’s him and her together. She’s looking forward and he’s kissing her on the cheek. Chris painted the gold necklace around her neck that he got her."

"At the bottom he wrote ‘you’re my girl for life.’”

Sweet? Sickening? You be the judge.

Chris and Rihanna as a couple:




I want to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt but I know deep down that I'd just be wasting it on the wrong person. A man-child like Chris will almost never learn from thier mistakes. So here's my prediction, he's gonna do it again and maybe be put into a coma. He will be charged for attempted murder. And will have to go to prison for a very long while. Where he will continuously have enjoy the likes of Big Poppa Wayne who makes nightly visits to the crack of his ass 24/10% of the time as punishment for hurting his favorite and only girl in the world Robyn Rihanna Fenty. But maybe that wont happen maybe he'll try to beat up some other poor unsuspecting girl with stars and hearts in her eyes. And in that case, lets hope she knows how to fight back and put his ass in the hospital if and when he does....just sayin'!


I'd like to know her thoughts in like 20-25 yrs from now. I'll bet she's going to think, "What the ??? was I thinking?? What a Big Fool I was. How could I have been so Stupid? ... Sad but true. Been there, done that! Still wallowing in my misery from the ashes that were left from that relationship. Life always finds some way to make us to pay for our mistakes. Paid a high price!!!


Yes, I think they're a great match because they're both trash.


It's sad to hear this, but hey, whatever tickles her fancy.


Slap me tease me beat me PLEASE ME.

@ pfft

No kidding. Hw long until she's photographed with a bruised face again? Some people just never learn, and sadly, there seems to be no cure for stupidity.

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