Justin Timberlake Wedding Video: Homeless People Wish Newlyweds Well

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Guests at the Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel wedding were presented with a video produced by the singer's longtime pal, L.A. real estate agent Justin Huchel.

Entitled "Greetings From Your Hollywood Friends Who Couldn't Make It," it featured Huchel filming street musicians, homeless people and transexuals wishing them well:

“Jessica and Justin, I haven’t seen y’all in a long time,” says a man missing teeth. “My gift is in the mail.”

Huchel's attorney says he "made a video to be used and exhibited privately at Justin Timberlake’s wedding as a private joke without Mr. Timberlake’s knowledge."

Despite trying to distance them from it, the decision to mock the homeless at an elite event said to cost in the millions of dollars isn’t sitting well with some.

What do you think of the video above?


Celebrities with arrogantly believe they are better than others or that rules don't apply to them. Okay, so Justin and Jessica did not make this video. But their closest friends think its funny to laugh at those who are jobless, homeless and mentally ill. NONE of my close friends think that it's funny to laugh at people suffering on the streets. The Timberlakes and their privileged pals are totally out of touch with us regular folk.


Love it! I want the full 8:30! I laugh at the crazy crack heads every day! You can't get that shit on Comedy Central. Los Angeles is reality comedy at its best!


A friend in need is a friend indeed. JT should dump the dumb so called friend who decided this was funny to film socially excluded and on the brink to make all the millionaires at the wedding laugh. Disgusting


Love love it,it is funny as shit I get the humour lmao,people talking and they are the same people who will pass the homeless on the street and not give ah a penny if they beg them


Pathetic. Neither one are to my liking, she needs acting lessons & he needs to stop copying MJ, so I'm not terribly surprised by this. Shallow is as shallow does. If I think about this too much I just get angrier. Instead of a lavish wedding that includes making fun of the less fortunate, maybe they could have kept the dream wedding and donated the exact same amount it cost to the very people they're mocking. But I suppose spoiled brats don't think that way.


what fucking gross, completly immoral people! dont they have any shame or heart? if i seen this on my wedding i would have felt guilty for even having one, when people have no place to eat or live. Well, next life they mite be not so lucky as in this.


Not even close to funny, you moronic creator of this garbage. How fucked up!


Guess the rich have nothing better to do?? Can't think of anything more tasteless or thoughtless!

@ Lking

And the same assholds who pass the homeless on the street!


Love when grossly rich people feel the need to demean others on their special day. How cute. Total class act. I love a good vulgar joke, but man this was not palatable nor funny.Wish they could have enjoyed their day without tactless video. Kind of sad that when you have everything, yet still need to convey your air of superiority before you conclude the wedding. We get it. Other people have less money. Other people are more messed up. Other people are less attractive. We get it. You win?


A six million dollar wedding, on foreign soil is i bad taste, not this spoof. It's obscene to flaunt that kind of excess during these hard times. They're disgusting, and have ceased to exist for me.

@ linnet

LOL its their money. I am sure if you had the amount you would spend that much on your wedding too. I wonder if you have done anything for those less fortunate. I doubt it like most hypocrites bashing these two.

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