Tara Reid Rips Paparazzi For "Drunken Mess" Setup

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Tara Reid was seen flashing underwear and falling all over herself in St. Tropez this week after she and a female friend reportedly tried and failed to climb on board a parked motorcycle ... par for the course for her really.

Only Reid doesn't see it that way, blaming celebrity gossip photographers.

Tara Reid: Sexy?

After TMZ published video footage of her antics and claimed she had been a "drunken mess," she tore into the website's editors and accused paparazzi of shoving her.

In a series of angry Tara Reid Twitter posts, the alleged actress wrote:

  • "Tmz are liars and they (are) always againt (against) me they pushed us down that's why we fell why don't u see how we fell? Its (sic) a set up!"
  • "Look how it is edited they only (showed) u after they knocked us down in front of our own boat its so wrong and I will defend us this time 100 (per cent)."
  • "That's why I was covering my face I knew I was getting set up so unfair its totally not right and I finally have had it stop picking on me!"

Consider yourselves enlightened. Zach Kehayov had no comment.


it is sad that she has to have two tone deaf attention seeking celebrity nobodies called Jedward to keep her company and to be there so she doesnt get drunk. She needs to go to rehab and Jedward need to learn to sing


Tara honey, don't blame TMZ or anyone for you being a drunk, hot mess. No one needs to make you look like a drunk idiot, you do a great job of that on your own! You are 36 and a washed up nobody. Time to GROW UP and get your life together, girl! Stop blaming others and take some responsibility for yourself.


REID is a drunk & has been for years, & it's sad that after all the sloppy photos of her being a drunken mess, she just doesn't get it together. If she won't own up to her problem, I don't think she should compound it by saying she was pushed by TMZ. She was laughing as she was attempting to get up & stagger off...


Yeah ok! They also made her drunk and stupid!


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