Pink Dedicates Video Love Letter to Daughter

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Warning to all THGers: Kleenex may be required for viewing of the following video.

It takes fans behind the scenes with Pink, as the pop rocker chronicles her time in New York City promoting the single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)." But it's set to a different track, "Pretty Pretty Please" and it's one long love letter to Pink's daughter's Willow, who makes many cameos throughout.

NOTE: We checked and confirmed, this really is Pink. It's not Miley Cyrus.

Hit Play now and prepare for a few water works:


Kudo to her, you just can't hate her, she's inspiring, and you can see how she has grown into such wonderful being, unlike a lot of other star, who get trash, do drug and think they are the star. Star qualities are those just shine through everything they do, pink is honest, everything she does is because she feel it wouldn't be her not doing those things she wanted to, not for attention grabbing, and she kept her integrity.


What a "perfect" video. Pink has so much pure talent, doesn't lip sing & her words are inspiring. She doesn't get the recognition she deserves. She was wearing colored hair before Nicki & Katy too. Brittney who lip sings everything gets more attention for bad behavior then a real talent like this. Pink's daughter is adorable & is so lucky to have this video to look at when she's older.

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