Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Recap: Alana Turns 7!

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The countdown was on for Alana Thompson and her family on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last night, as the episode kicked off just a week from the six-year old's most important pageant to date and just a few days before she turned seven.

How did Miss Georgia 2011, Machaela Lackey, play a role on the episode? Read on and find out, as THG recaps the TLC sensation as only we can: +/- style!

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June Shannon is all about saving money. Good for her, right? PLUS 5 points in this economy, no? Yes, but then MINUS 12 more for the poor eyesight that led to a rather... ummm... creative attempt to make up her daughter.

"I'm gonna look like I just got off the street walkin," Alana says of her new look. MINUS 7 because a toddler should not understand that reference.

It's then off to the VFW for family Bingo - "Mama's sports," according to Alana - and an alluring prize of $1,000. Forget groceries or bill paying; June is excited to use that money for the upcoming pageant. MINUS 10.

Alas, her incredible skills of hoping the Bingo caller guy yells out the right letter/number combinations do not come through this time. Someone else wins.

June arranged for Honey Boo Boo to meet Miss Georgia, but the introduction didn't go so well because Alana can't stop staring at herself in the mirror. PLUS 14 for the amazing montage that proceeded of Alana and her relationship with mirrors.

At lunch, Lackey tells Alana her eating habits are "not cute" and gifts her a head shot of herself. MINUS 37 because... really, Machaela?!?

"She's very pretty and I don't think she farts," Alana says of Miss Georgia. Gotta give her PLUS 7 for that.

At Honey Boo Boo's seventh birthday party, the family sets up a barbecue and a water slide. It actually looks pretty fun. And it ends way too perfectly, with June attempting to climb the slide. Give us the quote of the night, please, Chickadee, regarding this failed effort:

"I think it was the forklift foot and gravity." Amazing. PLUS 10.

TOTAL: -30.  SEASON TO DATE: -160.


I think because this family embraces their social status, most of us have a problem with that, and think they are in a terrible situation when they obviously care for each other. I missed the past episode, and can not believe the show is ending. My Hopper recorded the past episode, and is set to record the finale. I have a ton of DVR recording space so I don’t have to worry about missing any of my favorite shows. I can’t wait for the end of my shift at Dish; “Honey Boo Boo� will be the first thing I watch!


I love honey Boo Boo!!!!!!! The kids DO NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED! You should worry about your own life and leave others ALONE! It is a very funny show. They are real people, doing what they have been doing everyday of their lives. So they may seem strange, weird and not normal to you, but what is NORMAL??!! I hope it stays on and keeps me laughing. Love,love,love


A 7 year old isn't a toddler...


Hey ken....leave this family alone. They are not being abused. The house is clean. And obviously they are being fed. You dont remove children from the home because they seem ignorant. Theres is also no drug or alcohol abuse proven. What would YOUR reason be to remove them. I wanna hear this!


CPS needs to remove those children from the home.


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