Britney Spears, Fernando Flores Finally Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Britney Spears has closed the book on another chapter of her life she'd just as soon forget ever happened - she settled with former bodyguard Fernando Flores, who'd been battling Britney over sexual harassment allegations for years.

Flores claimed he saw Britney Spears nude a lot, and that she abused her kids.

According to court documents, Spears and Flores have settled his lawsuit.

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Flores alleged that Spears would intentionally drop a cigarette lighter in his presence, then bend over to pick it up, "thereby exposing her uncovered genitals."

Then the clown turns around and sues her for this privilege. What a country.

Spears adamantly denies all of the allegations - in particular that she mistreated sons Sean and Jayden - but still paid a modest amount to settle the case.

Britney is still under conservatorship due to an unnamed medical issue, so the deal will have to be approved by a probate court, but that's just a formality.

Good that she got this out of the way before X Factor stars tomorrow.

In other news ... check out Britney Spears' Gangnam style dance.


I don't like Britney Spears. But I like Fernando Flores even less. Why? Because he is a fucken liar. And a gold diggen piece of shit.


people make mistakes.


If it were a woman suing her male boss for exposing his genitals, she will be clown too? Wtf??? Privilege to see BS vagina... Hahaha. How stupid you are.


Yes clown and now another one Iroto


"The clown?" Says who?
Didn't even think for a while that the fact she's payed him as little as possible may actually say something about her being guilty? But of course, you've failed to mention, that the cash she's reluctantly coughed up doesn't even cover Fernando's legal cost. Selective information, for your own sake.
And lay off of Fernando, you pathetic retards.
If he had the case, he had the right to go the court. And if she decided to cut deal and pay off, it means her conscience is burdened. But of course, even if she wanted to admit her guilt, she cannot, because she's still under conservatorship. Her crew does everything for her.

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