Billie Joe Armstrong Flips Out in Concert: I'm Not F*%king Justin Bieber!

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One minute? ONE MINUTE!?!

No one tells Green Day to get off the stage. While performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Friday night, the band's frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, flipped out when producers informed him his set would be cut short by approximately 20 minutes.

Usher's set reportedly ran over beforehand, leaving Billie Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt less time to perform. After seeing "1 Minute" flash on the screen in front of him, cueing him to wrap it up, Armstrong lost it in an amazing rant that was nothing short of awesome to watch:

“You’re gonna give f*%king me one minute?!” he yelled, distraught, after cutting off his last tune.

“Let me tell you something. Let me f*%king tell you something! I’ve been around since f*%ing nineteen eighty f*%king eight, and you’re gonna give me one minute?!"

"You’ve gotta be f*%ing kidding me! I’m not f*%ing Justin Bieber, you motherf*%ers! This is a f*%king joke. Let me show you what one f*%ing minute f*%ing means."

A guitar was smashed, a middle finger was shown to the powers that be, and the band was gone.

Rock n' roll.


Billy joe is washed up. Go home 1988. Beiber made more last night in his sleep then you have in your whole career. Nice to see you playing at the local fair dude. good bye. Enjoy your "rehab" / "get him out of the spot light"

@ Mark

You motherfuker ... Bieber is one of the garbages singers.


YOO THANK GOD. Im so tired of all these bitchy bands now a days these guys (even though im not the biggest fan of they're new music) are being fucking men and not little fame bitches. BRING BACK ROCK N ROLL!

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