Robin Roberts Speaks on "Respect" for Ann Curry, GMA Versus Today Show Rivalry

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They may have been rivals for approximately one year, and Good Morning America overtaking The Today Show in the ratings may have led to Ann Curry's departure from the latter program, but that doesn't mean Robin Roberts was happy to see her fellow journalist go.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday, Robert said she doesn't "take joy" in watching The Today Show fall apart, not when there are actual human beings in the other end.

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"Let me tell you, the morning that Ann [Curry] said her goodbye, we were watching," Robins said. "And on our program, which you don't see very often, we spent the last couple of minutes talking about Ann Curry...and appreciating her, and such great respect."

Roberts, of course, has gone through her own emotional journey this year, having just returned to the GMA co-anchor chair after a few weeks ago.

Five months after beating breast cancer, Robins revealed this summer that she is battling a rare blood and bone marrow disorder. A bone marrow transplant is scheduled for early September.


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Question being asked all around our friends and family is. ; was our sweet and smart Ann Curry let go because the Bush family TOLD NBC ---- make room at the top for our Jenna ( Bush) if Curry has to go then do it the sooner the better, we don't care one way or the other. Could there be truth in this ?


Robin is the best, NBC should ditch Matt Lauer the ( Golden Boy) and get Ann Curry back.




Robin Roberts knows what matters in life. Unlike that pinhead Matt Lauer.


Robin Roberts is a class act.

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