Happy 51st Birthday, President Obama!

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The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama turns 51 today.

We're guessing he could use a vacation, but that it's not an option.

Between grappling with a stagnant economy and unemployment rate, widespread global instability and a climate that is very much in flux, there's the small matter of running for re-election in November of this turbulent year.

Simply put, he's in the fight of his life. Can Barack get it done!?

Obama Family

Recent polls have Obama and Republican Mitt Romney in a tight race for the presidency. Win or lose, this one's going down to the wire this fall.

Whichever side of the political spectrum you're on, you have to admit that the man's got a tough job. At the very least, Obama could use some birthday wishes right now.

Hang in there, Mr. President. Enjoy your Saturday. In honor of this special occasion, here are some Barack and Michelle Obama pics:

Obama Speech
Barack Obama Newsweek Cover
Old Obama Photo
Obama and College Student
Barack Obama at Florida Atlantic University
Is It Hot In Here Or ...
Barack Obama at the UN
A Barack Pic
El Presidente
President Obama in Florida
Barack and Michelle Pic
Obama Family
Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama

Four more years?


I see special ed classes are out for the summer. $49.50? gay porn? Religon hater? So- your a queer anti religion jealous, anti capitalism broke hater? Yeah- that's who you are- oh and special Ed. Obama has a MUSLUM name, MUSLUM people blew up the trade center so does that mean all Muslims are terrorist? Your argument is as stupid as you are. Obama is on his way out and anyone with half a brain can see it. They are already talking of a half empty stadium in Carolina. The middle class can't wait to get him out and it makes no diff who he has for a VP.


PS I'm so damned sick of the Obama camp and radical groups tying up my phone. I just don't answer! Once you donate to some churches of various denominations they bombard your mailbox and phone. If you have a problem with them? Call the legal authorities. It's funny, we have a Mormon church here and they don't bother me. I told them I wasn't interested and I've not seen or heard from any since! I think you're a liberal troll attempting fabricate a story to scare folks away from voting for Romney. Shame on you! If you can't focus on his abilities and record you must be like the rest of the desperate a**holes in the Obama camp who see their candidate is tanking because of his abysmal record. Hey, just face it and move on with your life! Romney 2012!!


@ Itiswhatitis....Oh Jesus! I've tried to get answers and give my comments to the Obama campaign! They ignore my questions and won't answer back....and your point is WHAT?!? They threw the same religion charge at JFK when he ran. That the Vatican would control the White House and all it's decisions. Simply wasn't true. Remember: When you take the Oath of Office you swear to defend and protect the Constitution. Obama in almost 4 yrs. has done more to mar and dismantle it than any Prez. I'm scared over Obama's performance thus I will vote for Romney with a clear conscience. As far as your friend? Hey, we ALL have really bad days. Doesn't have anything to do with politics!


Happy Birthday, Mr President. The family looks absolutely
beautiful. May God continue to bless you all.


@itiswhatitis! I'm sure stolen laptops are getting booted everywhere since you shared the news on Reid- the Mormon! They read headlines- that's it! Most haven't cracked a book in years. I can't even get them to answer any question on the topic of Obamas recovery plan! It's silent! It's all about- I had friend- that had a friend and she said etc. OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST! It's that simple. Last week my kid told me she would vote for obama! On that same day- HER CELL PHONE DIED, CREDIT CARD WOULDN'T WORK, DEBIT CARD MALFUNCTIONED and HER KEY WOULDNT FIT THE FRONT DOOR ANY LONGER. Just a bad day all around for her.


Excuse me? But Freedom of Religion in the country is still alive and well as a citizen's right! Just remember, Troll Freak, Sen. Harry Reid, the leading Senate Democrat who is the Senate controller of the Obama radical agenda is ALSO Mormon! Funny how no one from your pathetic lib-turd crowd ever trashes his choice of religious affiliation. Your hypocrisy REEEEEEKS--the stench is enough to make anyone with common sense...HURL, Pukemeister!


OBAMAS slogan is " FORWARD" as we all know! So in which direction is forward exactly! It's been so long since we moved forward -not sure if we can even tell it! After the FORWARD movement takes place what will the scenery look like? As I move forward what will I see in my rearview mirror? WHAT IS OBAMAS PLAN? Tax the rich? Ok- tax them! How many jobs will this create? 1 or a million? I'm sure it's already created 14k IRS jobs so they can audit our ass and make sure the Government gets more money? Is the tax money for more food stamps? Does Obama predict a forward move to feed more people? Romney wants to lift restrictions and create 14 million jobs in 4 years! Has Obama spoke on this topic of jobs as we move FORWARD? WHAT IS HIS AGENDA? DOES ANYONE KNOW?


Who really knows how old this fake is?


I had a friend who was a member of the mormon church and she got me to go with her. Thankfully I left the churvh before I let this happen to me. I found out their creepy little secrets that new people are supposed to know until you go to the temple where you go for your endowments. That's where you have to strip naked and have a lady wash a lady and a man wash a man. It was always the older people in the church that did this. Once that was done you are given undergarments one piece. So you see that MATTY is telling the truth.


Sugar? Stop watching 60 minutes

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