OWNed: Oprah Crushes Hater on Twitter

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Say what you will about Oprah's recent decline - interviewing ALLLLLL the Kardashians for ratings was a new low - but she puts her money where her mouth is.

The same definitely cannot be said for most of the 58-year-old's critics.

To that end, the talk show queen absolutely shut down a man on Twitter Sunday night who questioned her loyalty to black people, especially in the U.S.

In addition to cars for audience members, Oprah has given millions to charter schools in U.S. cities, helping hundreds achieve their college dreams.

With a Tweet to which there is no comeback, she informed this fool:

Oprah Tweet

From when theyre small, black parents must raise their kids expectation. instlll that gov. or handouts from others isnt an option or normal behaviour. educate them, guide their careers & broaden their outlooks. Also more black fathers need to stick around. These are nuances that cripple and hold black people back and why others look down on them.


Az black, gimme ma free shit. I ain't looks for wurks, cuz da won't hires me, cuz da raziz.


Shes is brilliant! I love how she responded to him.


I think you are a brilliant women and i Love what you are doing ,however i think that your staff
has to be more informed on what's going on in the real world,they do provide some good shows,some of them miss the points especially on Drug addiction,they are brushing the surface
and have grossly missed a lot of important facts because they do not have good sources. I think these type of shows can be very positive in preventing future children fromgoing down the wrong path if presented fully.
Clifee 63 year old X drug addict


What's your problem Oprah? Can't you help a brother out? Share the wealth Oprah. Look at all the unfortunate. You have Harpo. Everybody knows you didn't build that business. Obama said so. How could you ride in that limo Oprah if someone didn't build the roads. Sounds to me like you don't deserve that business OPRAH since you didn't build it. How bought it Oprah. Can you give an endorsement again this year?


My step father is from Jamaica. He came here to America at 17 years old, by himself, became a citizen, sent money back to his family of 11 extended members-brothers, and sisters... And worked his way to now owning his own home/ cars and business. He shakes his head at people who can't figure out how to make it here in this country. Or people who just say 'whoa is me' and Just mooch off the system...


That woman is brilliant

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