Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con: New Footage!

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The Twilight Saga cast appeared at Comic-Con yesterday for the (sniff, sniff) final time, but at least the stars provided attendees with plenty to buzz about while there.

With fans camped out for days, and with one tragic accident dampening the mood, a new seven-minute sneak peek was shown inside Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

It's not available for public viewing just yet, but THG was on hand and can report the following teases from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 footage:

  • It begins with Bella awakening, starting to hunt with Edward.
  • She spots a mountain climber and is tempted to feast on his blood, but focuses on a mountain lion as a meal instead.
  • She then returns to "regular" life and Jacob delivers some bad news: she really smells.

The Twilight Saga comes to an end on November 16. Check out the first Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer now!

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You said nobody interested anymore but you just read a promo on twilight. Meaning obviously somebody interested and so are you moonlite


Where can I see the sneak peak they showed at comic con for Breaking Dawn part 2?? Thanks:)


I hate twilight, why are they in COMIC-CON? The actors of Harry Potter never went to comic-con and Harry Potter is better than Twilight by a long shot, even if the cast of HP were invited, COMIC-CON is for comics, cartoon shows, and video games. Let alone Twilight be there, nobody even likes Twilight anymore we just make fun of it and call it names. :/


We love Twi.Cannot stand the c-rated actors.