Aimee Copeland Likely to Survive Flesh-Eating Bacteria Battle

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The father of flesh-eating bacteria victim Aimee Copeland says a "miracle" is behind the progress his 24-year-old daughter is making in recent days.

His latest update in a blog post Saturday said that, while the necrotizing fasciitis infection forced on several amputations, Aimee's life may be spared.

Andy Copeland has provided blog updates daily since his daughter (below, left) contracted the disease after a homemade zip line accident on May 1.

The rare infection brought her within inches of losing her life.


She is in critical condition in the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga. However, doctors believe they can save the palms of her hands.

In doing so, she will have the muscle strength to use prosthetic devices.

"The miracle continues," her dad writes. "The words I hear from the medical professionals to describe Aimee's continued recovery are: astonishing, incredible, confounding, mind boggling and unbelievable. All those are fitting words."

"My favorite word is miracle."

While the flesh-eating bacteria have robbed Aimee Copeland of several limbs, the necrotizing fasciitis left enough of her palms to offer some hope.

One of the challenges her father faces is telling the zip line accident victim the extent of her injuries when she awakens from a semi-conscious state.

"She will discover that her hands lack the dexterity and tactile response she has known all her life. How would you respond in such a situation? I think that moment will be one of horror and depression for Aimee," he wrote.

For now, the family waits for the day their daughter can at least breathe without a respirator. As Mr. Copeland said on CNN Sunday, "I have every confidence that Aimee will be able to overcome this."

They call it Aimee Day, a holiday the family will never forget.


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This is what we get for years of over use of antibiotics and it is going to be common place soon. Simple
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Antibiotic you over time will select out the bacteria that -are resistant to that antibiotic and it's usefulness
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