Kim Kardashian Konnection Konfirms Kanye West Relationship

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Wardashian lives!

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    Kim Kardashian Konnection Konfirms Kanye West Relationship
    Now tell me it's not real!


    They are going to last.. People should just stop looking for the and kanye are the cutest couple..


    kim m a huge fan but dear in lov or realationships ts not al flowers and candy ts mor 2 t thn that u say u want to have someone to lov u nd go to at th end of the day bt u gve up way to soon on realationshps trust me wth lov u have to tolarate that person,ull fyt nd get sick of tht person even f thy as dirty as a pig and the lilttle thngs that annoy ull learn to appriciate them nd f they not treating u ryt tell them every single till they get y ryt coz m sick n tierd of ppl callin u a b**th coz u aint one u jst want wats best for nd wht u thnk aint the best for u is wats best for looooooots of lov owww nd f u relly going for politics best of luck heheheheheheh now tht i cnt w8 to see lol


    Kim have u guys had sex yet? Looks like u cant probably stay off... Gush


    Go kim kardashian,its ur life n u have to live it once,cos no one knows when its gonna end.


    Kim n kanye have bn a thing 4 th longest. Gosh! U nid to c thos 2 wen they come f2f. It's obvious they get 2getha. I feel bad 4 kris,but seriously it was meant to b so,i bliv,he'z way beta,they dint dserv each otha wit kim. "once u go black,u neva turn back"


    Kanye is a really talented person who can do so much better. I feel like this is not a good look for him. For her, a real come-up but Kanye, come on! Why not date a pretty woman who also has some substance not a stripper or a girl who came up off of a sex tape. Probably need one of those in like art type girls... For real.


    Hope its a business deal & they both get paid well.If not,hope Kanye pimps Kim before she pimps him like she did the black man she is still married to.You can get an annullment for any reason long as it happens within the 1st year of marriage.This divorce talk is just to keep her famous.Kanye shame on you for dissing a black man in a song.Thought black women were the only ones constantly dissed by black men.Truth be told,black men even diss each other.You wonder why no one respects black men."Kris is lucky you don't have Jay fire him from the team." What a JUDAS move.


    To health dept..keep your racist comments to yourself..noone is exempted frim hiv...dick head...anyway much luck to.Kim and Kanye...the public.know only what is printed not the true.person..


    Alexandra, Kanye didn't "come up from the ghetto". He's a nice middle class boy who grew up in nice upmarket suburbs of Atlanta and illinois. His mother was a university professor and chair of the English dept at Chicago State University , which Kanye attended. His father was a photojournalist.

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