Ke$ha Pees on Street, Tweets Photo

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Ke$ha has stooped to a new low on Twitter... literally!

The dollar-signed singer - who has tried to get attention in the past for her wild haircuts - has now given followers a glimpse at the other end of her body, as she squatted in the streets of Los Angeles early Wednesday morning and sent out a photo of herself urinating.

Ke$ha Twit Pic

"Pee pee on the street. PoPo come and get me if you can find me," Ke$ha wrote. "I blame traffic."

According to California law, if the PoPo had spotted this act, the artist could have been fined $270 fine. In related news: Ke$ha really, really needs a new hit single, lest we be subjected to more gross cries for attention.

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I read on another site that she was stuck in a big traffic jam and needed to go. Hey, we've all been there. There's been several times when I've been stuck in traffic and needed a toilet badly, and I've needed to grin and bear it. Fortunately I don't live in CA with those fines, but there have been a few times I've had to go so bad that I did pull to the side of the road to squat (both to urinate and to poop).


That is so tacky and nasty! Don't any of these people have any class?


dude thatz whack. white trash at its best.


ROFL at tha pic it so hilariousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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