Spike Lee Apologizes For Erroneous George Zimmerman Address Tweet

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Spike Lee, pardon the pun, decided to do the right thing.

The director has apologized for erroneously re-tweeting the address of Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman ... only to post an elderly couple's instead.

The tweet did not originate with Spike, but his re-tweet of the wrong Zimmerman address to over 250,000 followers put a pair of seniors in harm's way.

David and Elaine McClain, 72 and 70 respectively, were forced to flee their home and move into a hotel temporarily because of death threats and scrutiny.

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Last night, Lee tweeted, "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was a Mistake. Please Leave The McClains in Peace."

Lee also seemed to subtly ask people who are angry about Trayvon's death to leave Zimmerman's fate to the legal system, closing with, "Justice in Court."

The apology came hours after the McClains reportedly lawyered up, but Spike almost certainly felt bad, given that he put an innocent couple's lives at risk.

Whatever you think about the fact that he would choose to re-tweet what he thought was Zimmerman's address in the first place, he meant no harm to the McClains.

Zimmerman, who friends say is not a racist and is devastated by the shooting of Martin, remains under investigation but has not been charged in the case.

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I would have taken that black Racist to the Cleaners!


Spike Lee is the worst kind of racist he was trying to incite hate crimes against Zimmerman without his guilt being proven. Not only a racist but a despicable coward.


There is no person on this earth (or off it) that could tell me to go attack somebody. Not only would I not do it, I would not listen to that person again.


Shame on you Mr.Lee!!! Even if this was the correct address he had no business tweeting it. I hope the McCain's and the Zimmerman's sue him. If anything he owes the McCain's a new home with a new address, and maybe this time he can use some self control and not tweet their new address. And for the Zimmerman family they deserves some compensation for damage Lee could have infected on them had the address been correct.


He has nothing to do & isn't relevant, he makes people turn away instead of listening. Shouldn't he be trying to change peoples minds not put up a wall?


This Black cocka Roach needs his ass beat DOWN!


I am black and I know that Spike Lee is a racist. Check archives for interviews regarding how he feels about interracial relationships. Mistake my butt! He was trying to get that man killed. Violence should not beget violence.


Well excuse me for having my own opinion... people are racist in general and behind closed doors will say racist things. he said he was sorry... get a grip people... this is a blog.


@Lyndee- you are mistaken/ lee tweeted hundreds of comments- I read them. if he was white there would be Jessie Jackson outside the couples doors. . Lee needs to pay. it's time to make a statement about this black racism.


@Lyndee-Spike should have NEVER have done such a thing! He could have gotten that elderly couple KILLED! Don't try to sweep it under the rug Lyndee. I wouldn't blame 'em if this couple brought a civil suit! His "tweet" was outrageous...and uncalled for! It obviously only takes one "tweet" to cause chaos and endangerment! If a white celeb would have done the same thing and the couple was black? They'd be hearing themselves admonished by Jesse, Al, Maxine, Sheila Jackson Lee---calling for the celebrity to be charged with some offense, and the Black Panthers would be surrounding his front door! And Barack would be at the WH press microphone lambasting the actions of this celebrity.....UNLESS they were one of those who gave him a hefty donation and, if they did, you can bet Obama would never return it on prinicple. So, guess Bill Maher would have been the best candidate for such a thing, eh? Then folks talk about justice! Hypocrisy would be more like it!