Mondo Guerra Wins Project Runway All-Stars

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He came oh-so-close on season eight, but this time around, Mondo Guerra would not take second place for a result.

The returning contestant was crowned champion of the first-ever Project Runway All-Stars last night, knocking off Austin Scarlett and Michael Costello with a line that was praised heavily by guest judges Tommy Hilfiger and Ken Downing.

The All-Stars

Mondo won $100,000 for his victory, along with the chance to sell his merchandise inside select Neiman Marcus stores. He will also serve as a guest editor for Marie Claire. Scarlett and Costello, meanwhile, received free trips to Paris.

Did the right designer win? Chime in now and visit our friends at TV Fanatic for a detailed review of the Project Runway season finale.

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Michael should have won. Mondo's clothing was original but so is Fred Flintstones. Who wants to were Mondo's God awful ugly clothes? No one. Mondo is a mean spirited, short, freaky, unatractive little man, his designs reflect that.


i cant belive mondo won! austin should have so won!!!


Mondo, you are a great designer..I am so happy you won. Enjoy! That being said, please don't forget to have a cheaper line ( but same awesome product for not that much rich - almost poor student :)) Have fun dude,


It is totally awesome that Mondo won PR All-Stars! He was robbed in his original season. His vision is unique and original AND he is down to earth and sincere. Michael - yes he's a sweetie but he just makes some beautiful pieces and drapes well...nothing unique. Austin is definitely talented and has his own vision - some fashion house needs to back him or hire him because he can do couture. We will be hearing more from Austin for sure. Readers - if you don't want a spoiler alert, don't be looking up PR All-Stars news! As for having not aired in Canada...I'm in Canada, and hello? It's called stream it on-line. Watched it every week with no problem!


Mondo is a great designer,I am so glad that he won. He is an original I can see his name up in lights.


Without a doubt Mondo deserved to win! He is amazing! Although I am a huge fan of Michael Costello and I think Austin Scarlett is very talented, Mondo has a really special off the wall gut talent and I knew the win would be his. He is a true genius type who just has to create. The final hasn't aired in Canada yet but it doesn't matter. They are all amazing designers! Good luck in the future to all three!


I live in Canada and the finale hasn't aired yet. I wanted Michael to win and I would be okay with Austin. When I saw some of Mondo's creations,I would be like WTF but he would win the challenge. Even when he's not 'trying', the judges always seem to like what he does. Confusing! Oh well! Congrats to him and I wish the other designers lots of success.


Yes I agree with the judges that Mondo should win. I think Mondo should of won Project Runway Season 8, but I am glad he tried again and is very deserving of the win. The other two designers are also very good and hope they try again or get a great job offer based on their efforts.
Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars are both great shows and I have enjoyed watching the competition.


Thanks for the spoiler alert, Douchebag.


You stupid assholes. Did you happen to think to post a SPOILER ALERT. That episode hasn't aired yet in Canada. This will the last time I ever am at this website.