Madonna Releases "Girl Gone Wild" Video: Watch Now!

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Looks like that douche Joe Francis can rest at ease.

The music video premiere of Madonna‘s “Girl Gone Wild” (girl singular, not girls plural) has just occurred, and contains no topless drunk girls on Spring Break.

No copyright infringement here. Just uptempo artistry.

Instead, fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott directed the 53-year-old icon in a black-and-white video for the song, her second off of MDNA.

“Girl Gone Wild” and the rest of Madonna‘s new album will be released next Monday (March 26). Take a look at her latest effort here and see what you think:


Haters, Haters,& more Haters. None of you above know music. What are you a bunch of redneck hillbillies. You obvioulsy don't know this is the number one club,dance song in the world. The album is getting rave reviews by critics. Check your information out people before you judge. Madonna is on the hottest record label in the country. They have released tons and tons of remixes and remixed videos of this song. Why don't you all leave your opinions to someone that gives a F@#* . Maybe contact the I am so out of it and can't have fun any more . You are so miserable in your own lives so you make of the NUMBER ONE FEMALE SINGER OF ALL TIME. Believe me Madge could give a f#@& what you are saying about her music. GO Back to your trailer park all you above haters and hang out with your kin foke. Grow up people!!!!! Get some real culture in your life. Oh yeah I forgot you have none. How SAD! DjIsaac (I know what's hot!)


Madonna has an at least decent voice, but the problem is, she's running out of original ideas, as pixie said, and it's just...gross...for a supposedly mature woman to be walking around looking like a slut and partying like a teenager. It's just wrong.
She has kids, right? What if they saw this? The song itself is kind of annoying, as well, I suggest that Madonna just sit back and enjoy her life for awhile, not focus on modeling or music, just live.
-N. Altukhov


Music Has Officially Finished in this World...and to think this was the same dame that practically KILLED IT with "Frozen"...


Madonna needs to retire already and put some clothes on, it's not cute or edgy anymore... it's sad.


erm didnt lady gaga first have men dancers in high heels. seems like madonna is running out of original ideas

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