Khloe & Lamar Sneak Peek: Talking Turkey

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Turkey and Armenia have a strained relationship, dating back to the former's massacre of the Ottoman Armenian population between 1915 and 1917.

Why do we bring up such historical atrocities on a celebrity gossip site? Because Khloe Kardashian does so on this Sunday's installment of her painful reality show, reacting to the possibility of her husband playing overseas in Turkey with a phone call to her uncle.

Would it actually be permissible for someone of Armenian descent to live on that country? It's a complicated question, but Khloe can at least take solace in the fact that it was contrived for television: Lamar Odom was never considering such a career move.

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Khloe lives in luxury in L.A. She wouldnt know the sufferring and hardship the rest of the world goes through.She should try washing her mouth and her dirty sex mind. A nasty BuLLY.


It's all for reality TV. My mom is Turkish and was so disgusted by this episode. Whether or not the genocide took place, who cares? How many years ago did that take place? The bitch was born in LA, how much of her "Armenian heritage" is she even connected to? Not to mention her deceased father had some amount of Turkish blood running through his veins. And to think I liked Kloe before this... Imagine how many Turks watched that, and Armenians friends with Turks. My sister, for one, is best friends with a girl who's Armenian. National television? Nice one.


so annoyed! they have no clue of what they are talking about! Khloe is going to be a spokesperson for peace? A girl who plays with a sex wing and now talking about an event took place a century ago. This is the biggest crap I have ever heard. There is no war! People do have leave happily together! Somebody should step in and sue these bitches for creating international fuss. I cant imagine what would be the Americans who don't have any idea about Turkey would think. I will never ever watch this bullshit angain.


@Sara true dat!


Don't they know that millions of Armenians live in Turkey peacefully with the Turks? The only ones stretching out this drama between the two nationalists are the Kardashians and armenians in LA. #TRUTH

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