Demi Lovato Stay Strong Special: Singer Admits Eating Disorders, Cutting SINCE Rehab

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"If you took away music, I wouldn't have a reason to live."

Demi Lovato said many raw, honest things during her MTV Stay Strong special last night. Namely that she has cut herself and fallen victim to eating disorders even after seeking treatment for those issues back in October 2012.

Tuesday, she opened up about all of that and more.

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"I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment. I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I'm not perfect," the 19-year-old said.

Lovato, who was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder while in treatment, admits that this is an ongoing battle that she will have to work through every day.

The negativity she saw within herself started at the young age of 7, the Disney star explained, saying she "looked in the mirror and never felt good enough."

"I felt like I was living a lie...I was dealing with all this pain, emotionally. And I felt guilt and shame. I decided to take it out on myself. I harmed myself."

Demi Lovato even shared that she had to be on the phone with her sponsor during Thanksgiving this past year so that she wouldn't throw up her meal.

Thankfully, she made it through, but expressed that she felt guilty.

"An addiction is an obsession, something that takes over your mind and your every thought. You think that you can't live without it," she confessed.

"For me, it was not eating and purging and self-harming."

Luckily, Lovato found solace with music and the Lovatics.

"Every time someone asks me for a picture or an autograph, even if I'm having a bad day, I remember, 'You're nothing without this person,'" she said.

"They make it special and give me strength."

It's unusual to see such a frank discussion of such topics. We respect her candor and wish her nothing but the best in this continued struggle.


i lOove u sOOo much demi lovato!!!


yeah, but she dyed her hair like right before she went to rehab. she was hainvg problems for months. therefore, im still convinced these pics ARE of her. but again, i dont hold it against her. also, really? shes out of rehab? like permanently? cuz i knew she got out for the holidays, but i didnt know if it was a home visit or if she was out permanently.


big fan of demi and it waz amazing how u came clear with everything that happen to u........... that iz why u are my idol .......


You are, its the only girl that I adore so! a Amazing girl and stay strong girl! and you is the reason why I'm here to comment! I cry to see you say it, and you kno? I believe that this fact is not just gossip! I love you


Demi, I may not be crazy about you but your really a strong girl. Your amazing and don't let anyone tell you different.


I Have the same problems with Demi...I Was so desperate...But when I Read this I said that she is right!!!We have to live our lives just like we were born!!!I love you Demi!!!I will always be the No.1 Lovatic!!!!!And if you're going to change something I will continue being your No.1 Lovatic!!! :*:* :D:D


your an amazing person that open and honest and goodluck on the good things in life for you demi:)


Im frm India....
if you dont yet know.....u hav a hell lot of fans who love you back hea.
I wish you would come up here for a concert sometime!
and for me you are the most beautiful the world....i wish....i coukd marry you....even if just in dreams....


C'mon Demi We Believe In YU Well I Beilieve IN you like you said on skyscraper dont let them breakk yu and take everything you have which is your ability to sing which yu do best please demi dont let them break you I LOVE YU and wont ever give up on yu beacuse yu didnt GIVE UP OM ME.. keep going with what yu do best!!!!!!!


I hate how ppl read these blogs and then harp on the writer for one friggin mistake. Seriously ppl get a grip! Quit acting smarmy and self righteous over a date the blogger got wrong. Big deal. Would you like someone pointing out your every flaw or mistake you've made? Grow up!!


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