Christi Lukasiak, Dance Moms Star, to Katherine Heigl: Suck It!

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Feud alert! Christi Lukasiak, one of the mothers on Dance Moms, did not take kindly to Katherine Heigl's criticism of the show, and is firing back with a vengeance.

In an interview with Pittsburgh's 100.7 Star, the hosts asked Christi what she thought about Heigl's Dance Moms diss, in which the actress criticized the Lifetime show as "demeaning," "belittling" to the girls and akin to "burlesque."

Chloe's mom gave her a piece of her mind...

Heigl and dance Mom

"Well, very interesting," Lukasiak said of the former Grey's Anatomy star. "First of all, the music doesn't seem all that adult. Second of all, I recall Katherine Heigl being in a movie about sleeping with an older man when she was about 12, so..."

Oooh, that one stings!

"And she doesn't know that when I put my daughter to bed at night, you know, like, we have a long talk, and the kind of relationship I have with her," Lukasiak adds.

"I don't let anybody mess with my kid. C'mon, have you seen the show? I'm constantly going to bat. I think if anybody fights for their kid, it's me, you know?"

Christi also shoots down any idea that she and the other mothers are "exploiting" kids, and instead argues that they are giving their girls a great opportunity.

"Katherine Heigl can suck it," radio host Bubba chimed in, emphatically. "Yeah, that's what I say, but you said it, not me. I'm just agreeing," Christi said.

Back to you, Katherine ...


Sad. Dad. Care.


Katherine did attack Christi because she attacked the show her child is apart of. By saying these kids are being treated badly, dancing to adult music, wearing revealing costumes, staying up all hours of the night, etc. you are belittling the parental involvement and efforts. When you are attacking the way someone looks you're attacking your intelligence and ethics. People who speak badly about others seem very jealous. She is intelligent by normal standards in the fact she has a college degree and has owned a successful business. She has also made a good deal of money from this show, I know what it is to he envied. People dislike those who have money or fame or looks because of the simple fact that they do not and this is a sad, dad fact. This fact is very evident in the way of our President and the fact that he was elected and re-elected on the basis and promise that they rich will be punished. If you give everyone the same amount of money, let's say everyone gets 2 million, and wait a few years you'll see that the people who were rich before will have all the money and the majority of the people who had no money will be broke, and complaining, and envious. It is so easy to blame everyone else but yourself for your own problems. Stop looking at what others have and start using what you have. If you desire a vast fortune you will not find it sitting on your couch, watching television, and being taken cafe of by the government. If you get addicted to being fed how are you going to feed yourself when the food supply is shut off? Nit if, when.


Out of all the girls, Chloe has always been the fan favourite. Christi raised her, so she's obviously not what the show makes her out to be. Remember all the times that she hugged and cared for the other girls on the show, not the bad bits, because all the moms have said that the bad bits aren't real. Don't judge Christi on an edited snapshot of her life.


CHRISTI GO AWAY! You are the most annoying, ugly inside and out, nasty skank! Hearing your voice is like nails down a chak board. I have a great idea for the next episode. Someone should beat the crap out of you. ENJOY YOUR 15 MINUTES.


Christi, why are you so upset, She never said anything about you, she was talking about the show


Today was first time I watched the show; Christi is such an awful, nasty, drama woman ( and really bad looking also). Is her life boring that's she just looks for arguments? She seems uneducated, phony and very stuck up. I don't think I will watch the show again, mainly because of her.


I love the girls when they dance omg love it


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute bitch christi is not a lier or anything she is awsome ok get ur story roght


I really love dance moms but jill omg I hate her she is a brat she should be on probation siresly


People don't realize how many whack jobs there are sitting in their homes watching these shows for the wrong reasons. These moms should keep a low profile - not be putting their last names out there - setting up facebook pages and twitter accounts - using their kid's photos of course just incase someone were not to remember who they were. I enjoy the show, but could never allow my kids because I worry too much and would just feel I was putting them in harms way by making their lives so public --- stardom has it's price.

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