Aretha Franklin Honors Whitney Houston in Concert

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Due to leg spasms and muscle pain, Aretha Franklin was unable to attend Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, canceling not only her appearance but a planned performance in honor of her goddaughter, as well.

But the late legend was very much in Franklin's thoughts the evening before, as she played a concert for fans at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and honored Houston with a pair of covers.

“Remember the hits and forget the misses,” Aretha told the crowd. “I’ll always look back and remember her singing..."

And, with that, Franklin broke into a rendition of "I Will Always Love." Watch it and a version of "The Greatest Love of All" now:

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You are probably too young to know this but Aretha struggled with her own addiction in the 70s. The funeral, her love for whitney, and the apparent control issues in the family may have posed a threat to her sobriety. Did you happen to notice how Dionne was cut off and urged to move on when she tried to explain what happened to Aretha, during the funeral?

Wv peach

I agree with with you regarding the circus like mentality surrounding the funeral, but I still can't reconcile with Aretha Franklin's absence. The fact that Aretha is considered as family means she has a responsibility to the Houston's. Perhaps my thoughts are antiquated, but I find this terribly sad.


P.S. I just read a headline where Ray J "brokedown" during Whitney's funeral. The lack of privacy is unacceptable. I know she is infamous, but a line must be drawn. People need to grieve without making headlines.


@WVPeach, I was wondering why she didn't attend. I think the fact she knew the family may be the key. She is too damn old to walk into a hornets nest/media circus. The excuse is lame and I think that's why she publicly professed her love in concert.


@ Hilton Hater,
Thank You for giving *us a sample of Aretha's tribute to Whitney!!
As *we all know during the week of a funeral service, family are surrounded by friends and loved ones. After the funeral, people start slowly hugging and saying their goodbyes, and the family
is then left to deal(privately) with their grief. Even though Aretha (in her own grief)was *unable to attend the services, I can easily believe that when Aretha Franklin walks into The Houston/Warwick Household she will be welcomed with outstretched arms for (I believe) she will always be considered family.
The idea that Aretha would include 2 samples of Whitney's songs during her own show speak volumes of her love for her god daughter. Sing On and Shine On Aretha!!

Wv peach

Aretha, you should've attended Whitney's funeral. This excuse is unacceptable, as I know medication could have eased your muscle spasms. You were Whitney's godmother! Even if you couldn't sing, your support would have meant much to the Houston family. I don't care if I had to be pushed in a wheelchair, I wouldn't have abandoned those in such pain and grief. smh....