Coolest Girl Ever Asks Out Jason Segel [Video]

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Note to Jason Segel: if you don't ask Chelsea Gill out on a date, we will.

This hilariously bold young woman has taken to YouTube and posted a song in which she makes her feelings for the How I Met Your Mother star well known.

She rhymes Segel with Smeagol. She confirms that she's “sane, tested, and disease-free." She says she's a fun drunk. She's all around awesome.

The actor actually posted a link to the video himself via Twitter and wrote that "he's gonna need a couple days" to come up with a response. Let's hope it's half as funny and creative as Chelsea's... and that these two go on to have like a million babies together.


I too want to go on a date with Jason Segel. I wish i was as talented as Chelsea, i'd so write a song too :)


LOL. She sounds AWESOME! Jason Segal should so look her up!!!


OMG jason segal ask this girl out shes frickin awesome!!


i want go on a date with jason segal too. He is so dang funny!!!

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