Taylor Swift CoverGirl Ad: Banned in UK For Excessive Photoshopping!

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This gives new meaning to the phrase "Picture to Burn" ... or something.

Procter & Gamble recently pulled a CoverGirl print ad featuring singer Taylor Swift in the UK because it was among a group of ads cited by a watchdog for excessive Photoshop use. Yes, there is seriously a consumer watchdog group for that.

Take a look at the yanked Taylor Swift image below:

Taylor Swift Cover Girl Ad

The National Advertising Division (NAD), the ad industry's self-regulatory body created to review factual claims in national advertisements, issued a statement saying:

"It has determined that [P&G] acted properly in discontinuing superior performance claims made in print advertising for its CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara."

Specifically, the NAD asked P&G to verify that the mascara has two times more volume vs. bare lashes and is 20 percent lighter than the most expensive mascara.

The watchdog also criticized "implied messages" - that consumers "would get lashes like those depicted in the advertisement and that the lashes depicted in the photograph were achieved solely by using [the mascara] ... without post-production enhancement."

While this is a bit silly, so is retouching Taylor Swift in the first place.

She's kind of almost perfect as is, are we wrong? Love you girl.


I love you like sparkles because you make my heart pound as much as you can think per second!I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!


youoooooooooooooor awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I have seen Swift live and in my opinion, she's not all that fantastic, dont get me wrong shes a great songwriter and role model but there are many singers out there who sound better, like Carrie underwood.


All mascara ads have people wearing fake eyelashes so what it the big deal?


@Leroy It's fine to say her pictures are photoshopped because they are, but you are lying when you say the only reason she sounds good in her songs is auto tune, I'm guessing you've never heard her live, because she sounds just the same. So look at facts before you comment rude things.


okay.... why the hell is everyone making a huge deal out of nothing this is complete B.S this is the beauty industry people! everything is FAKE it's not just taylors commercial it's every single damn commercial the beauty industry has ever shown on T.V, photoshopping is all the beauty industry is every single face on the cover on every single beauty magazine is fake and has been photoshopped yet, their mad about this?! what has the world come to??


With or without Makeup Taylor looks amazing. But something to note is that """Procter & Gamble""" is a satanic group. So I'd stay away from them!!!!


It's about time advertisers got called on the carpet for their false claims and blatant deception. It's bad enough ad agencies prey on women's insecurities but they use lies and deception to do it! "Yes girls this is what you can look like (and should look like) but never will because the talent in our ad is wearing false eyelashes AND is photoshopped AND our product doesn't give you these results!!! THANK YOU!!!


This is so ridiculous. Photoshopping ads has been going on for years, and now they are bothered by this? Puh-lease! More promo for Taylor and Covergirl i guess...


Oh PUH-LEASE this girl is NOTHING without makeup. Not really surprising that her ads are heavily photoshopped just like her voice is heavily auto-tuned in ALL her songs.


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