Kris Jenner Explains Daughter's Trip to Minnesota Trip, Is Full of Krap

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Kris Jenner seriously needs to STFU.

In a new interview with Extra, the managerial matriarch is asked why daughter Kim Kardashian went to visit ex-husband Kris Humphries in Minnesota this week, a trip that extended this disgusting story for another few days and led to talk of reconciliation.

Just take a look at the complete and utter nonsense this businesswoman spewed:

Kim Kardashian at LAX

"Kim is a hopeless romantic. So she wants the fairy tale. She wanted to get married and have babies and raise a family and the white picket fence and all that comes with that. She's a really good person with a huge heart.

"Whatever decisions Kim is making right now, she's a very smart girl and she's gonna do the right thing. All I can do is wrap my arms around her gobs of money and make sure she's okay."

We kan't even handle this woman klaiming that the same woman who made a sex tape... got married on TV to someone after just a few months of dating... and followed that up with a divorce 72 days later, is merely a "hopeless romantic." We need to just turn this over to our readers and ask:

What do you think is going on with Kim's trip to see her ex?


The Kardashian sisters on this site that comment let us in on Kim's real worth and how stupid we are to help make her all of the money. Just like Kim, they have not an ounce of respect. Instead of using the fake names, why don't you say your real names Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, and probably the two younger girls. Nobody talks about "the brand", Dash and how rich Tyler Perry is. Why can't you just admit your liars, manipulating, money whores? Hope that money is worth losing your pride and dignity for. Paris Hilton doesn't look very happy these days and neither will any of you egotistical people.


So sorry for Kim, but she did make the right decision in the end though . She shouldn't let her mom and sister rule/ruin her life though. He was too spoiled and controlling and not willing to treat her like a woman should be - any decent man would let his sweetheart have her dream wedding without trying to call the shots and not cop an attitude, wtf? He got what he deserved for being such an immature butt. Ten to one she wanted to call it quits before the wedding but her mom wouldn't let her for PR reasons... she really should give the ring back to him though - that's the most decent classy thing to do. Besides he's unemployed now so she should have a heart and not listen to her money grubbing motha.


Having sex with Kim is like having sex with a pig. They'll squeel on ya every time


wow, 80 comments. Kim sure struck a nerve with this strange move. I really believed they were happy. I also really believe that Khloe and company unfairly "poisoned the well" from the get go. Khloe was vicious and both she and the stage mom were manipulative like snakes. My theory is that Kim is a bit naive and capable of being in love with love..and thus, confused. That said, I think this was the real thing, but stolen from her. And I further believe that if Kim came to her senses and TRIED, as she should pursuant to holy matrimony, they would stay together for the long run. I think he really loved her and was one of the most positive, sincere, genuinely good influences in her life!! Finding someone like that is never easy to come by--she should appreciate her hubby far more! Try, Kim. Just give it a try!


we (viewers)need to stopped watching their shows,dont buy their clothing lines,perfume and bags and see what happened eventually THE WHOLE KARDASHIANS FAMILY WILL DISAPPEAR AND EVERYBODY IS HAPPY.thats what we want right? i myself was a follower or watched the show after what she did to kris hump changed my channel to animal plant and travel channel its more educational and interesting and most of all its REAL not FAKE.message to pimp mother wake up america hates you now, kim return the engagement ring and the bracelet back and ask forgiveness to the humphries,last to fat ass crazy cow khloe you ugly bully bitch you never gave kris a chance like what you did to scott.


Khole you know what they say Mamas baby Papas maby That could be part of the reason your "father" Robert told your mother to hit the road.The Kardashains have deballed Bruce and though they could do the same to Kris. Kim your sex tape was really not that good. you cant make "LOVE" kan you. your mother had her face lifted so that she could out shind you. sounds like LL mother.


Kris JENNER, you are a PIMP MAMA...your own smell mouth spoilt bratt daughters even abuses you, and you pamper their egos. Money money money money always sunny in that were ur taking your family.gud luck lady


But he dont even bear to do anything bad to her . He with his huge and lovely heart bring himself silently back to his hometown.carry all his burden passed through it patiently . I respect him on this.he was a success young man(tho not as rich as kim) he earns his honorable living wthout being a moaning sex tape star.but dont worry kriss we and our prayers be with you. May you could passthrough it steadfastly,Hope you get even better of the feature wife,


I just cannot imagine how shattered was kriss.H's heart when he found his wife's face,pics, videos,etc on every headline news, tv channel,sites etc broadcasted that his newlyweds wife was having a sweet occasion with her-ex( reggie bush) few days bfore she, kim. K filed for divorce,when the bridal flowers still haven't withered YET,when the fragrance of a newly weds aroma still could smelled, the moment when he should having his sweet honeymoon with his newly weds wife, but all has turned into the bitter nightmare in just a blink of an eye. if you guys were on the kriss side what would you feel,?what would you do.? Me even i'm an outsider viewer( asian fans) i could feel the pain that he had, must be really a bad
experience. He( kriss.h) was lost his love.lost his marriage,lost to much funds,times, etc.


all you people are freaks, seriously who takes that much time out of there life to right a hugeeeeeee thing about how much they hate them. dont come on this site if you want to bitch, so annoying get a life!

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