Jessica Alba Introduces Daughter Number-Two!

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AWWWW alert, readers. Jessica Alba shows off her newborn baby in the latest issue of You, a magazine in New Zealand.

The actress is posing below with Honor Marie, 3, and Haven, who was brought into the world on August 15 via an unusual birthing process. (She came out while still inside the amniotic sac, which eventually burst. We do our research, people!)

Jessica Alba and Daughters

"I just want to hold her and cuddle her all the time," Alba says of the almost two-month old, adding that there's no sibling rivalry yet between sisters:

Honor “loves having a real baby in the house to look after instead of just playing with her dolls. She considers herself an expert when it comes to Haven because she has this doll collection and she loves taking care of them.”


I dont like jessica at all. She seems as if she cares about looks more than the well being of the child. She is constantly reminding us that she is only ''half white'' when in fact after taking a DNA test she found out that she is 84% white. That is the reason why the children look so white, because they are majority white. Her husband is half white half black but I think he takes after his white side more which also makes his children look whiter. Jessica needs to face the fact that her children look white because she is white, latino isn't a race to keep holding onto. the only person who could have maybe affected her children's racial look is her husband who is half white. And who remembers jessica when she wanted to be referred to as white and not latina? ? shes a nutta


Beautiful woman.Yep agree..shes neva said notin bout not liking her hispanic background.


Hi,my name is bukkie,am a nigerian. I was born on 14 august a day before ur baby. I think they both look alike and as beautiful as their mother.


I think Haven looks ALOT like Honor, she mentioned in People that she was suprised she made "such a different looking kid" but I think the sisters look alot alike, they are very cute and its so much fun having two daughters, I have a 4 and 5 year old and its quite the experience, Congratulations to the Warren family.


hi my name is natasha rivera age 14 born in april 12 1997
and your two children are cute they look just like you.


@ arceli. Yea i agree with you. Theres nothing wrong with embracing your culture. Its who you are no matter what. I was just disappointed in her. So sad.


YOU magazine is from South Africa...... Just saying


Well thanx for informing me(no sarcasm) I see the nose now. But regardless he has white in him but anyway I still don't think it's right. I mean if I were black, white, Asian, mixed...etc. I would love my roots my blood no matter what. It's hypocritical to not like your own heritage. It's like rejecting ur ancestors which without them she wouldn't exist. Every race is beautiful and in reality we all have mixed in somewhere. So she's ridiculous for that.


her husband is not a "white guy" he is MULATO , black father and white mother dont you see honor nose??


My God, the point isn't that she dislikes her Hispanic roots... The point is she is going against her own kind. It's in her blood whether she likes it or not. If this is true, how sad. How can u not like what u come from? Honestly I never liked her personality or her acting. Besides Hispanics are very creative, nice and beautiful hardworking people. I know because my family is hispanic and I've grown up around them. Marrying a full blooded white guy isn't going to make her any less Hispanic...

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