Report: Marc Anthony Hated Wife's "Sex Symbol" Status

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We may never know for certain why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split. But it sure is fun to speculate, isn't it?!?

Yesterday, a report surfaced that simply stated the couple had been "arguing" for months and called it quits for the sake of their young children.

Now, another source is either changing that story, or expanding on it: an insider tells Us Weekly the singer objected to the glorification of his wife's body, specifically citing a 2010 photoshoot in which Anthony objected to pics that were "too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two."

An Former Couple

The issue represented a constant battle for Marc and J. Lo throughout their seven-year marriage, according to this mole:

"He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy. He likes her to dress in a demure, 'wife' style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol."

Describing Anthony as "dominating," another source says "he wants to control everything Jennifer does." And, come on, we all know Jenny from the Block wouldn't stand for that for very long.


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some of you need to realize that these celebrities are human being there allow to make mistakes just like anyone one of us only difference there are alway in the spotlight put yourself in them position for a week and let see if u will still be able to comment and write foolishness smh


you guys need to get a life and stop minding other ppl own u think jennifer or marc sitting at home talking about wanna


Maria luisa I LOVE the LORD as well BUT u sound REALLY can sum1 STOP bn sexy kuzz they older??? IT's just WHO the person IS even sum Unattractive people r Sexy kuzz it's sumthing u can't make-up or try 2 be it just IS WHAT IT IS sweetie!!! I'm not even a big Jlo fan but sum of u guys sound REAL RIDICULOUS!!!Lol


Dabti&sarah...WTF r u talkn bout NO1 has control over bn a sex symbol it's just sumthin that comes Naturally so her nor him could do anything about that it has NUTHIN 2 do w/the way sum1 dresses it's just who they are SEXY hell no1 say's anything about George Clooney ol fine ass STILL bn a sex symbol...and marc knew this Long b4 they were married..marriage n children doesn't effect sexiness unless U let urself GO so NOW!!!!


to go again with ben afflek is a HUGE mistake !!!


I think she should get back with Ben Afflack


J.Lo u need 2 knw dat u dat God has subjected u women under the control of men. And moreover there is notin wrong in him being jealous of his wife dressing like a dog(bitch)


I think he has a right as her husband to object to her being a sex symbol...they really pushed that role for her. A married woman shouldn't be running around trying to be a sex symbol...wouldn't any husband object to that? To other men falling all over her, etc.? It's a little different if you're in your twenties, but if you've already gotten to have that role before and now you're married with 2 kids, it's time to stop. I like J-Lo and love AI and liked her as a judge...she was really sweet. But then she would perform on the show and turn into this serious, tough and sexy personality. I was like why is she trying to be like that as a peformer...that's not even who she is.


women should not let a man control them, love your self, he gotta go, way to go jlo.

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