Lady Gaga, Maria Aragon Perform "Born This Way"

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Maria Aragon, a 10-year-old Lady Gaga fan, won raves, Internet fame and kudos from Gaga herself for her YouTube covers of the pop superstar.

This week, the Little Monster received the present of a lifetime from the Mother Monster - a chance to duet with her on stage, live in Toronto.

It's pretty cool that Gaga made good on this promise and made it happen. Here they are performing a piano duet of her hit, "Born This Way" ...

Last month, Maria Aragon caught Gaga's attention, with the singer promising her she could get up on stage and sing with her in concert.

Actually following through on it will only further her reputation as one of the most beloved, fan-friendly entertainers around. She rules.


Lady Gaga is so cheesy. She looks ridiculous.


Really,all jokes apart she is awesome.she kept her promise.She knows how to connect with fans & how to stay this way.@ the end she rocks.


OMG can we please BLOCK sharrow???? Anyway, gotta love Mother Monster. Regardless of her wierdness factor or her taste in fashion...she connects with her monsters. She loves and appreciates her fans. Can't fault her one bit for that.


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