Justin Bieber Surpasses Michael Jackson at the Movies

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For those who thought it would never be appropriate to compare Justin Bieber with Michael Jackson, we have three words for you: never say never.

The 17-year old icon has set a new box office record with his first foray on to the big screen, surpassing the King of Pop in the process. Through yesterday, Bieber's Never Say Never has earned $72.2 million domestically, becoming the most successful concert-themed film of all-time in the United States.


Jackson's This Is It brought in $72.1 million.

Bieber will never catch MJ on a worldwide basis, however.

This Is It, which chronicled Jackson's final tour preparations prior to his June 2009 passing, has garnered an unfathomable $189.1 overseas. Bieber's biopic has only grossed $10.8 million outside America.

Another point of historical comparison: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour earned $5 million internationally in 2008 and $65 domestically.


Honestly, I dont think there will be another King of music, period. For one thing, music tastes are too fractured nowadays;there's way too many genres and no way anyone nowadays could appeal broadly to the masses. Id like to think there would somehow be another, but I seriously doubt it.


Never Say Never
Never Give up your Dream


good for justin,but their is only one king of pop and that is michael jackson...he had that title then and he has that title now!!!


justin b. is the best n'i love u


i love Justin bieber i dream that we will meet and he will be my friend and help me through things.


@ courtney STFU wow . Always so defensive they are comparing SALES not the music or the people. As almost everyone knows, we are all individuals~ God does not compare us over the gifts he gave to us, so why would you . Dumbass remarks from a grown person. Not judging.Just saying.


Justin is good, but he will have to pick it up a little bit in order to mess with the King of Pops Stats...MJ forever!


there will on b one king of pop yhat mj .ok .that good that justin do good.so stop compare them


I Think Justin Could Be As Great At MJ Was..:)
You know why..? Cause he Never says never..

Pat wilson lewis

way to go justin. you can go as far as you want-never say never

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