Eminem Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial: Imported From Detroit

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Hyped as Super Bowl commercials may be, most are gimmicky and quite forgettable. Chrysler's effort featuring the Motor City's own Eminem was anything but.

Two minutes of gritty footage set to the rapper's "Lose Yourself" served as both an homage to Detroit's past and a look to the future in introducing the Chrysler 200.

Moving doesn't usually describe ads during football, but it sure applies here as the iconic American brand - and city - defiantly picks itself up off the mat.

With an assist from Eminem and a gospel choir, this is a bad ass commercial ...

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Wassup Shady i hope it is safe 2 say dat im ur no1 fan 4rm da beginning til da end.


It is also a lie. Those cars are NOT American made!!! All of their engines are made in Mexico then shipped by rail to Canada where the car is built. No jobs for the Detroit auto worker!!!


Well i am live in Costa rica and i know eminem for years, and well i think that was a very unique and the best commercial of the night, i dont understand why some people talk badly about this commercial, from my point of view one of the best and classic commercials ever


And to comment on the commercial itself, It was absolutely excellent! I have never seen a commercial such as this and it truly is now my favorite.
The premise of the commercial covers all of the US not just Detroit. America has been given a huge blow and this commercial descibes the resilience of the American people and worker. We will not lay down and die or give up. We will rebound and we will prevail. This commercial gave me 'goosebumps' and revitalised my patriotism for this country. Well done. This was one of the best commercials ever produced. Maybe GM may return to the "American Revelution" campaign it ran for a while before it became "concerned" it was too patriotic.


As an ad, from purely the advertising perspective this was an epic ad. Mixed with suspenseful, climactic music, and constantly changing imagery, this ad hit it spot on in the sense of cinematography. Thumbs up to the ad team who designed and produced this for Chrysler. :)


Inspiring commercial, but I'm wondering....who's the market for this car? Many Chryslers target the 40+ crowd...and most of them could care less about Eminem (or even know who he is). Hope it turns out to be a good car...Detroit has had 40+ years to get it right. Back then, Honda gave us the Civic...Toyota gave us the Corolla, while Ford gave us the Pinto, and GM provided the Vega. "Imported from Detroit"?? Is Detroit now a (Third World) country?


Why is it no matter what happens, is going on, was done well for all to see there will be the negative nasties? Our lack of history will do us in. Without the unions there would be no middle class. Guess why the repubs are able to destroy our country in the name of money and greed? There are not strong unions throughout the land! Anti union folks have no clue as to what it all means. They think they are stronger by acting for themselves. That is how corps were able to use folks big time including kids. If not for the unions you would have no sick time, vacation time, health insurance and safety standards. I do not understand the haters. All I can do it call them ignorant. They know not what they speak!


GM & Chrysler took loans from the Fed when the banks failed. It is not bailout. they are repaying the loans. Only the banks took the bailout.


point is... too many critic wanna be losers seem to want to dis american cars. Sure nuff. Guess I don't like whatever it is your state makes and is dependent on. Stop kicking Detroit...the hate is not a particularily good side dish with your grilled mahi. buy local, buy state, by country. If you've checked it all out, and those of you who pontificate about "I had a bad car" wahhhhh. Wake up and take a legitimate look. Detroit is making great vehicles. My Ford MKS is off the charts and yes...I've driven the others Different...not better.


I agree will Bill. Incredible commercial. It was not just about the product, it was about pride, humanity, love of ones own city and the people you live with. It was moving, inspiring and I stopped in my tracks once I recognized what was happening. Kudos to Eminem for taking such a courageous and remarkable statement about a once great city trying to reinvent itself.