Did Lady Gaga Rip Off Madonna?

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Notice a similarity between Lady Gaga's new single "Born This Way" and Madonna's '80s classic "Express Yourself"? Well, the latter apparently has.

First, Madge's brother, Christopher Ciccone, went on record saying, "All I can say is 'What the f**k!' when asked to comment on Lady Gaga's new song.

"It sounds just like 'Express Yourself' ... I can't believe it to tell you the truth."

Madonna herself hasn't commented, but her YouTube page was updated today with, wouldn't you know it, a live performance of "Express Yourself."

The pop stars have never feuded. Contrarily, in fact. Gaga has called Madonna a huge influence and the two even did an SNL sketch together in 2009.

Listen to "Express Yourself" and see if you think "Born This Way" is a rip-off:

Did Lady Gaga rip off Madonna?




Please everyone,don't say that lady CACA is a singer and a composer because she's not and she'll never be!!!How can u say that someone that rip-off completely a song(affirming that she did it in 15 min.,of course...)is a talented songwriter and an Artist?Please,please, please...Nowaday''music''SUCKS,except for very few things, and Lady CACA is just another Circus Phenomena well-built for young brainless kids.THAT'S ALL!


I said it from the second i heard Madonnas Respect Yourself how it was a ripoff of the Staple Singers and she never gave them credit for it nor said it was an homage...i was hoping they would sue her but alas no one did. She needs to get over herself and Gaga needs to get back to making music instead of opting for publicity stunts. I used to like gaga...but she turned out to be more interested in the media. too bad. music these days just sucks.


With respect to those who say Madonna rips off others. It's obvious when she is emulating others for a given performance, and rotates it around. She certainly has not "made a career out of it." And Madonna forged her own unique style so many in the 80's copied which was original, and she still retains her originality today just in a different way. She's ever evolving and whether anyone likes it or not. She certainly did not make a career out of ripping off style from others. It's rather obvious though who is doing that right now and it I laugh at all her attempts to re-do iconic images that are so very linked to Madonna. The profile shot of the album, True Blue? How can anyone deny Gaga is taking so much from someone who already did it? Maybe kids who didn't grow up with it. I'm just thankful she naturally looks nothing like Madonna. Which makes the point even more poignant, really.


The lyrics are not identical sum u need to chill out u dnt like the song dnt listen to it. And every one has there inspirations jesus sum people


And listen to the new Britney song.... There is no originality in music these days, there can't be, everything has been done there's always going to be some crossover and something that sounds like what you've just done. As long as it's not 'meant' then I don't see the problem.


Ripoff or not, Madonna's Express Yourself is soooooooo much better than Gaga's - it's in a totally different league.


it's a rip-off. but then again lady gaga didnt deny the similarities and has addressed the pop queen's approval. madonna is lady gaga's queen so no big deal. the song debut at number 1 this week but not because it was an "express yourself" rip-off but it was all gaga music that made it zoom to the top. i think lady gaga will stay but i'm not that keen if she'd stay that long like madonna has. with 300 million records sold on her belt, madge has no insecurities whatsoever with this issue. that's why she never comments, she prefers lady gaga as her own child. and finds this flattery than insult. respect for both women.


@Hollywood Spotlight... You bring up compelling points, however, you're into a much wider "originality" context with your comparisons. The discussion is not about that. It's simply about 'Song A' sounding like 'Song B' - nothing more. In that case, you can literally sing 'Express Yourself' over the Gaga song and be right on beat, and very close in phrasing and melody. Frankly, I'm surprised no one caught this while recording it. Maybe it's a nod to the other song... who knows?

Coolgossip listener

She know what she is creating in her music..The fact is she is NOT copying "Madonna" instead making her proud because evidently Madonna approves her of her "Born This Way" song!!
The best part is she is talented n we all know she has made excellent songs till now n always will!!!
Whatever might be i m with GAGA always!! U rock!!

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