Jared Lee Loughner Video: A Walk Through His "Genocide School"

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A video more scary than the ones Jared Lee Loughner posted to YouTube has been released.

In the following clip, the 22-year old arrested for shooting Gabrielle Giffords last week and killing six Arizona residents meanders through Pima Community College. At various point, he refers to the "genocide school," its "torture of students" and how he's "in a terrible place."

The video went live on September 23 of last year. A week later, Loughner was suspended.

One has to wonder: how was someone with such a background legally permitted to purchase an automatic weapon?


I think more then the issue of gun laws should be the fact that mental health services are so hard to come by in this country


Wow...o_0..this guy some issues going on........it's funny how he blames everyone else for his "problems"...what i still dont get is why would they sell him a weapon???stupid...but this guy's a fucking jerk thats all i know


Loughner did not have an "automatic" weapon. No one was shot with an "automatic" weapon. He did use a semi-automatic handgun.


He's an idiot.
He needs a mental health check, and that's certain. He rants about stupid things and blames all these all these for his life. He's rediculous. Blaming the school? What a fuckin moron. Omg, I can't even stand this guy. Fucked in the head. External universe? Internal universe? Wtf. IDIOT.


that Laughner is a laughing idiot. what a jerk. what an idiot. it's like if you don't agree with Laughner, then he would say that you're violating his constitutional rights and his first amendment rights. and he would say that you are unconstitutional, and what you are doing is illegal under the constitution, and that you are committing genocide. what a pile of crap. that Laughner is such a deranged idiot. yeah, his right to be a nutso idiot is being violated.


Wow. He's not ranting but you can really hear the anger in his voice. It's scary. It's interesting how he blames everyone else for his problems. It sounds so typical of these "types". Also, with the obsession over the Constitution. What is it with deranged people who get so worked up over it? Obviously the guy has mental issues going on. It's like his whole life revolved around freedom of speech. He doesn't understand free speech, he's just using it as an excuse. You can tell he just hates life, people who don't give him what he wants, etc. The fact that he may have been homeless because of that school is laughable. Oh well, at least he's finally off the streets. The people who performed the background check on him defend their job. I find it amazing that this guy was able to legally obtain a weapon, so it goes to show you nothing is foolproof. At least many are stopped from purchasing but I feel like this guy would have gotten one if he couldn't get one legally anyway.