Kanye West: Reportedly Shagging Shay

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Kanye West has traded in short hair for gigantic breasts.

The rapper has moved on from Amber Rose and multiple sources - such as The Daily Mirror - now link him romantically to Shay. Yes, the Shay.

This Kenyan native is a model who moved to Great Britain when she was two years old. She's lived there ever since; stands five feet eight inches; and claims her 30JJ-26-37 measurements are all natural.

We have little doubt that Kanye and Shay will be together forever and ever.

Fortunately, Rose has also found a new love interest: she's been spotted out and about with Reggie Bush this summer.


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TO Tha Done:
UP!!!??? Are you sure!!!??? Are we only looking at those huge knockers are is there something more that I just can't see cuz of THOSE HUGE KNOCKERS!!!???


@Monkey definitely a few steps up from amber rose


Lol Monkey


WOW not sure if this was a step up or a step down from Amber..

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