Rumored New Couple Alert: Amber Rose and Reggie Bush?!?

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Don't cry for Reggie Bush.

While Kim Kardashian may have found a new man, her ex-boyfriend has apparently also moved on from his relationship with the reality star.

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As first reported by Perez Hilton, the Saints running back and Amber Rose were spotted at AXE Lounge in Southampton Saturday night. Not only were Bush and Kanye's former love looking quite cozy all night, they even took bathroom breaks together.

For what possible reason? Use your imagination, people.

So, you tell us: Is Rose an upgrade over Kardashian?

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but she's a bad bald head woman. AINT THAT RIGHT FELLAZ!!!


this is whats wrong with "simple minded" people... Amber Rose is beautiful woman and she isnt any worse than any other female..damn is it a crime to be a bad chick?? she carries herself like a lady but likes to have a good time.. yall are all just jelous HATERSS hi hi hi haters! ;)


thats nasty how are you gonna go from the most gorgeous girl like kim k to a nasty girl like amber rose shes very ugly i think reggie and kim belong with each other and need to stop playing stupid childish games if you really do love someone then you would want to be with them and not try to make each other jelious


Both Kim K & Amber Rose are filthy slores. Kim leaked her own sex tape to get famous and both sleep with rich black men for money and headlines. Is Reggie uncapeable of dating a woman with class and dignity?? I'm sure his mom is proud of his choice in women


Reggie is weird. Why is he always going after slutty chicks? This chick is famous for being Kanye West's assessory. Now that Kanye has dumped her she is looking for someone with a name to attach herself to. She is nothing but a nasty golddigger.


is this a HE or SHE...


i think he should do better than that bald head women.


The fact that Reggie dated a w*ore like Kim after everybody had seen her slob off on Ray J shows what kind of taste he has in women. Why is anybody surprised?


Reggie obviously like dirty sl*tty women. Didn't he cheat on Kim with an escort. He certainly has a type smdh!!

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