Sex and the City 2 Flops at the Box Office

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Blame it on the economy, the contrived storylines, the self-centered characters or a lovable green ogre.

But Sex and the City 2 tanked at the box office this weekend, failing to even bump Shrek Forever After from the top spot.

The much-hyped sequal pulled in $32.1 in three days, far below the $56.8 million the original opened with in 2008.

The film, which takes the core four to the Middle East, has received few positive reviews; The New York Times said it "isn't much fun at all," while USA Today slammed it as "tasteless." On Rotten Tomatoes, only 15% of critics polled said they liked the flick.

Tokyo Premiere

THG's take? There are only so many times you can find Samantha's sexual puns witty; while focusing on a quartet of rich, successful, whining women tends to get old.

At this point, the franchise is more about fashion (a lot of which you can find in our Style Store!) than anything else. But is that enough to garner a third film? And would you even wanna see one?

Sound off now, as you check out scenes from Sex and the City 2 below...

Trio of Sex and the City Characters
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Thank God it flopped! Now maybe these geriatric bimbos can retire somewhere.


the movie was funny at times, not nearly as good as the first one. but i don't think people should be bashing it.


I loved the movie. It was better than the first one.


Fabulous movie, loved, loved, loved it. The critics are full shiat!


I was hooked on the tv series and I liked the first movie. I'm so hooked on them that I'll go see the movie. I love the characters so it doesn't matter to me whether it's good or bad, I'll still watch it.


The movie is wonderful, I love all four characters.


it'a a favolous movie!


who wants to watch a movie about 2 women, a horse, and a whore