Adam Lambert Birthday Bash Includes Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Lesbian

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Adam Lambert turned 28 on Friday.

And while we're sure the singer was flattered by the nearly 100 birthday wishes sent his way by THG readers, he still felt a need to throw a party for himself at the Mondrian's ADCB restaurant.

According to reports and witnesses, the soiree included Lambert's mom, his ex-boyfriend Drake Labry... and Lindsay Lohan.

The latter, random guest showed up because Samantha Ronson was spinning records at the bash. It's unclear if Lindsay was actually invited, however.

"I think she knows Adam, but I don't get the vibe they are great pals," an insider told E! News. "She was of course friendly and nice to him, but I have a feeling it was more about Sam being there."

That's shocking. Still, this isn't the time to hurl more insults Lindsay's way. It's a time to wish Adam the happiest of birthdays once more!

Birthday Boy

First off, and everyone knows it's true...hate comes from fear. Elvis sure sounds like he HATES Adam,(over something that's none of his bussines anyway)and I'm sure he'll agree he hates him. So if he hates him, he must fear him and why fear him??....because in truth HE really wants to fuck him, the jackass! And he hates HIMSELF for it.


Adam your crazy talented i voted for you 10000 times in a row ..
i listen to your music all the time n i watch your music vidios all the time me n all my friends LOVE U


an't nobody care about his birthday.


adam is so gay he is so lame he can't sing his voice is computerized so suck that adam.... i used to like you on american idol now i hate suck a dick.


adam is going to hell for sure and there is no turn arounds ist the DEVIL !!!!!


i hope thatadamknows that he is representing the devil and that he might go to hell all those symbles are for the devil.


happy b'day to you adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much..................


ADAM Hello. Congratulations late. Love you. I do not what it carries beings are, if you are happy as you are I'm quite pleased to know. You're a pretty amazing singer. You have a talent, without comment. KISSES


Elvis, shame on you!! You sound like you were "dragged up" rather than "brought up." I am not crazy about Adam's lifestyle but it is not any of my business. I enjoy his music and beyond that, my feeling is "live and let live." Elvis, you showed yourself up big time.


Hey hanne... Am quite successful, worth over 10m and counting! How about u? So you call yourself a pro? Well, Lets see where Mr Flamer is in a couple years from now. You can't be very successful if you dint respect others opinions. So you think yours is the only one? You're a joke.


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