Report: DNA Test Proves John Edwards Knocked Up Rielle Hunter

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Sources say a DNA test shows what we already knew - that former presidential hopeful John Edwards fathered former campaign aide Rielle Hunter's baby.

The National Enquirer, which last year broke the story of Edwards' affair with the weird campaign videographer, said the test was taken after Hunter tried to get financial help from Edwards for her 18-month-old daughter, Frances Quinn.

Rielle Hunter agreed to testify to a federal grand jury investigating John Edwards for allegedly paying "hush" money out of his campaign coffers to Hunter and another former aide who claimed paternity of the child, Andrew Young.

Fall guy Young is rumored to have turned on Edwards. Rielle Hunter was spotted last week in Raleigh, N.C., entering a federal courthouse and staying nine hours.

John Edwards adamantly denied during a confessional interview with ABC News that he fathered the child with Hunter, saying he welcomed a paternity test.

Conveniently, Rielle said at the time she would not allow it.

John Edwards Lies
John Edwards' Love Child

Rielle Hunter's daughter Frances has her daddy's eyes, doesn't she?

Also convenient for John Edwards? Andrew Young has said from the start that he was the child's father, and fell off the face of the Earth. Problem solved!

Until the feds got involved, that is.

Investigators want to know the real reason Edwards' political action committee paid Hunter's "production company" $100,000 for "work" in 2006, then paid her another $14,086 on April 1, 2007. Suspicious for four brief web videos, no?

Grand jury proceedings are kept secret until charges are filed, and the U.S. attorney's office in Raleigh has declined to confirm or deny there is an investigation. However, Edwards has already acknowledged his finances being scrutinized.

Andrew Young hasn't spoken publicly since saying he was the father in 2007. He is rumored to have possess a Rielle-John Edwards sex tape, too.


Elizabeth Edwards is DYING for the simple reason that she wanted to please that cheating scumbag. In an effort to replace their only son, Wade, she underwent massive hormone therapy (the kind that has been proven to cause cancer) in order to give Mister Perfect his Replacement Son -- and it took her two tries to do it (imagine how that will make the younger daughter feel once she's old enough to figure it out?. That's why she got so fat for awhile, and that's why she got cancer. That hormone soup ignited a big mess. She should have just hired that hoochie mama as a surrogate, she'd still have her heath and she could live to take half plus child support of everything that turd of a husband of her's has.


Any man who denies his own child is a sleazebag. I liked John Edwards once upon a time. It is unfortunate for his wife that she has to deal with the fallout of this while she is also terminally ill with cancer. Edwards should have told the truth from the beginning; he put his career ahead of his morality and I think he is a moral monster for what he did in denying his daughter Frances. She is INNOCENT regardless of the circumstances under which she was conceived.
This hit me personally because I had to sue my own slimebag father as an adult to prove he was my father after he had lied about it for my entire life and never did a thing for me while living high on the hog in S.C. with his witch wife and children. Another politician too I might add.


To deny your own child takes one to a whole new level of deceit!! It's time the wife said "you are out"!!!! However, she is terminally ill and who else does she have once she dies--How very sad for all involved----I have compassion for all EXCEPT Rielle Hunter--she knew he was married and if she was going to engage in an affair--use birth control--or was it a ploy to entrap Edwards?


Muary: In the case of Rielle Hunter's baby, John, you are the father!


The poor baby does seem to have inherited Edwards' vacant blue eyes.
Of course, the baby has an excuse---it's a baby. What excuse does Edwards have for being vacant?

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