Melissa Rycroft Says No to Playboy, Execution

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Sorry, fellas. But Melissa Rycroft has officially put to rest any rumors that she'd pose naked in Playboy.

"My father would kill me! Not only would I never do it, my father would never look at me the same ever again!" Rycroft told Us Weekly.

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We doubt your father would be the only one looking at you differently if this pictorial ever took place, Melissa.

Regarding the upcoming Dancing With the Stars finale, Melissa says she's trying not to put any pressure on herself.

"I'm completely excited because I've got Tony [Dovolani, her partner] to completely understand the word 'fun.' We're going to go out and have fun."

Of course, few interviews would be complete if Rycroft weren't asked about Jason Mesnick. Where does she stand when it comes to him and her love life?

"I know I'm happy in my life and my situation."


It was cool that melissa turned playboy down, even though I would die to see her naked. I think she should pose in playboy, but wearing sexy lingerie like thigh hi stockings and other sexy outfits. Id die to see her in a foot fancy type magazine in nude pantyhose


I am so pleased to hear that Melissa said no to Playby. While it is flattering to have been asked, she stuck to her morals! Way to go Melissa. I hope with all my heart that she wins the trophy on Dancing With the Stars! I do feel the judges are far more critical of her that Giles or Shawn. They constantly bring up her ballet and cheerleadind experience, but how about Giles acting and Shawns gymnastic experience, both which very much influence their performances? I hope the audience came through for the sweetest and best couple and Melissa and Tony are the winners!


i sure hope she has the strength to stick to her mores. It is rare to see a beautiful young woman in the public eye that cannot be bought. YEA MELISSA!!!!


if playboy paid her enough she would do it


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