Levi Johnston: Sarah and Bristol Palin are Liars, Haters

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Just days after talking on the Tyra Banks Show about boning Bristol Palin in Sarah Palin's house, Levi Johnston ran his mouth some more on CBS' The Early Show about his many difficulties with the family of the former V.P. candidate.

One point of contention: Whether Johnston ever lived at Palin's home.

"They said I didn't live there," the ex-fiance of Bristol Palin and father of her son Tripp said. "[They say] I 'stayed' there. I was like, 'Okay, whatever you want to call it' – all my stuff was there. If you wanna call it staying there, that's fine."

"So, they're lying," said reporter Maggie Rodriguez.

"Yeah," Levi Johnston replied.

After Palin, the Governor of Alaska, lost the election and Levi and Bristol broke up, he says there was tension during his visits to see 3-month-old Tripp.

"I can go over there whenever I want and see my baby," says Johnston, 18. "But I'm not allowed to take him, and it's not as comfortable going over there anymore with that family sitting down on the couch. It's awkward. I don't know."

"They just, like, they don't think of me the same way anymore."

"I don't wanna go there every day and sit there when her family's there and try and play with my baby. I want to be able to take him and do our own thing with my family."

Levi wasn't the only Johnston to defend his story. His mom, Sherry (who is facing felony drug-dealing charges) and sister Mercede also weighed in.

"Look what they're doing," said Mercede in defense of Levi. "They are lying, trying to save themselves when they asked for it. They brought him to the campaign. They should have known what was coming. They can't try and take it back now."

As for why Levi Johnston is speaking out now, he explained, "We're not trying to cash in on their name, you know ... I'm just trying to get my side of the story out there. Letting people know who I am. Not what the magazines say I am."

The biggest misconception? "Probably that my family's white trash," he said. Or is that a misconception? Click to enlarge pics of Levi (and Mercede) below:

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston
Levi Johnston and Tripp Johnston
Levi Johnston Picture

bristol is JUST as trashy as her mother sarah palin!levi should just cut all ties with both of these skanky women!


What? Prissy miss "Buy me a Beer Bristol" is suddenly all pious and worried about her reputation? A little late for that, isn't it Bristol? you should have kept your legs closed in the first place. If you're gonna play, you're gonna play, Bristol-- let the daddy of your baby see his child-- or perhaps, maybe Levi isn't the real daddy after all?


Not only are the Palins liars, but they are posers, pretending they are all about family and family values when they are all about themselves. I hope Levi not only gets visitation, but sole custody and that the Palin's learn a few lessons about what FAMILY really means.
And Sara Palin shouldknow better--not only is she a lawmaker, but she is an adult-- she should be doing the RIGHT THING, not acting like a teenager herself with all this crap.


I don't care if you like Sarah or hate her Levi is a scum bum for bashing Bristol the mother of his baby. Levi and family go back to Wasilla your 15 min. of fame is over I hope you enjoy the money you have made on this TV tour.

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