Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty; Rihanna Wants Deal

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Chris Brown entered a plea of not guilty to two felony charges - aggravated assault and making criminal threats - in court this afternoon at 3:26 p.m. PST.

With ex-girlfriend Rihanna, the victim in the "alleged" incident, nowhere in sight, Brown showed up at L.A. County criminal courthouse to officially face the music for "allegedly" pummeling her into oblivion back on February 8.

He is due back in court on April 29.

After hearing the counts against him, Brown was asked for his plea by the judge. The singer answered with a hushed, short "not guilty, your honor."

Brown's legal camp, headed by attorney Mark Geragos, has been working on a plea deal around the clock, with the goal of preventing him from having to serve jail time (he is looking at up to years and eight months if convicted).

As of now, though, there is no deal.

All in all, the star's arraignment was uneventful. What happened outside the courtroom, however, is another matter. Donald Etra, who is Rihanna's lawyer, spoke to reporters - and did so almost as if he were speaking on behalf of Brown.

Etra said Rihanna, who is chilling in Barbados and distancing herself from the case right now, would be pleased "if it [the case] were over quickly."

As in, if a plea bargain for Chris Brown were finalized ASAP. Asked what kind of deal she wants, Etra said the singer recognizes that it isn't up to her.

She has made it clear, both implicitly and explicitly, that she does not want to go to court, although Etra says Rihanna will cooperate if ordered to.

Geragos didn't speak to the press, but prosecutors would surely be far from thrilled if he did so while negotiations for a plea deal are ongoing. So it is all the more intriguing that Rihanna's lawyer answered all of the questions.

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omg rehhana or however she spells it needs to get over herself everyone gets into fights.....just beacuase shes a star that sux and can do something about it dosent mean she has to GOSH! it was chris browns first mistake and shes shouldent date him anyways ashe 21 and hes 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am and always will be here for chris brown


HE did do wrong but it was outta impoulse so yall can hush


I hate you because you hit rihanna for nothing you are nice man but you need to stop hitting rihanna


I love you chis brown because you are cute boy every


what did this guy do. kill someone. if this rihanna gal didnt want him to go to jail she should have shut the fuck up in the first place. wanting this to end quickly!she started this mess by talking to the cops, she better bring her ass to LA to end this shit if she wants it to end quickly.


yeah dude thats the way to go. pleading not guilty. you aint guilty of nothing. you acted out of impulse. chris shouldnt be labelled as an abuser. chris all the way.

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