If I Didn't Not Kill No Dogz: The Life & Crimes of Mike Vick

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Looks like former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps by shopping a book about his rise from poverty to stardom and the misadventures that landed one of football's greatest talents behind bars.

A proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league.

Vick is due to be granted early release from federal prison this year after being convicted in a dogfighting probe. He'll have served nearly two years.

Michael Vick Book Cover

Will the NFL give Michael Vick another chance?

Sounds crazy, but if he can still play, it's pretty to remaining suspended forever... just ask Pacman Jones. That guy always turns up again on some team no matter how many thugz get shot when he decides to makes it rain.

There's still hope, Michael Vick!

Lucky for him. Apparently he's a real high-roller with bills to pay and a shortage of cash. The license plate factory doesn't have the cachet it once did. Gotta get cracking!

Whomever ghostwrites Vick's memoir has a difficult task ahead to make him appear sympathetic, but hey, at least he didn't kill two people and rob another like O.J.


I take offense to that comment. Just because a person doesent have much money doesent mean they r losers. A loser is wat u r . U r sitting here making bs aligations about losers n probably dnt have shit going 4 urself but money ur broke n luv n friends n every thing that matters god HATES dumb minded fools like u go 2 hell o wait ur already headed there! ASSHOLE


Funny how theres a vicious dog photoshopped to appear as if he is chasing this man, bet if anyone of you were in a situation like that you guys wouldnt hesitate to do the same thing he did. Media and naysayers are nothing but a bunch of hypocrits


"What the French".......get over it...In no way do I agree with what Michael Vick has done but "seriously" the man has done his time!!!! I hope he comes back stronger then ever and kick ass in the NFL. Oh yeah, I do call President Obama my president.


Michael Vick is disgusting and should never be allowed to exist in our society with normal, civilized people! There should be no early release for any murderers, animal or human. Just watch the replay of dogtown's special on the vick dogs that were sent there! They didn't deserve the treatment they got. Any NFL team that even thinks of playing Vick should be boycotted into bankruptcy!


Michael Vick can't play, so maybe he should be put down, like all of the dogs in his compound that could no longer fight. He should be tortured just as the poor dogs were. I hope he is an example for the rest of the people who fight dogs, SICK! I don't think he should be allowed out of jail early, I think his punishment should of been more. Dogfighting needs to be taken more serious. thank you Brandon Bond of All or Nothing Tattoo, Atlanta Ga. for all you do in the Pit Bull World.( Bond fostered 3 of the Michael Vick dog's) there's Atlanta's real hero... Vicktory to the Underdog...... NO BSL!!! Don't BREED. ADOPT! MANS MISUNDERSTOOD FRIENDS.


Vick needs to complete his sentence. I am not an Obama lover, but really, he had nothing to do with Vick sick actions.


Wrong is Wrong, , once again we need to think of what we are teaching kids in our society! There are enough great players out there that Vick can flip burgers for the rest of his life! He deserves ever bad thing that happens to him! SICKO!
Vick is no longer known for football, he is known as a sick, dog murder, as he should be.
And why couldnt he finish his sentence? Oh thats rite he is above the law, , like all the OJ's out there that had enough money to pay their way out of trouble.


Oh come on now! You are blaming Obama for Michael Vick! How did that happen? Michael Vick is a criminal, he broke the law should not be rewarded for it.


hope the bumb never gets to play pro ball again. It seems we just keep rewarding losers and criminals in this country.
Now we have a president (if you wish to call him that) that will probably permit it. Sure seems as though he plans to reward losers. I think I will go and mortgage my home so O'bama will pay for it.


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