Michael Vick: A Real High-Roller

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If you thought there couldn't be much else out there that would damage the image of Michael Vick more than he already has, well, think again!

Records show the disgraced former NFL star dropped a staggering $201,840 on the same day he reported to federal prison on dogfighting charges.

Michael Vick Book Cover

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this sick puppy shelled out $3,627,291 from August 27, 2007, the day he pleaded guilty in federal court in Richmond, Va., 'til November 19, the day he reported to jail in Leavenworth, Kan.

On what could one possibly spend that much, even if one were dumb enough to? To give you an idea, here's his breakdown for just that one day:

  • New Mercedes within which to transport self to the slammer ('cuz thugz gotta roll in style!): $99,000
  • Money for baby mama of his oldest child (how sweet): $28,000
  • Payment to PR firm (which clearly isn't doing a very good job if this very story is getting out): $23,000
  • Cash for a friend (gotta take care of da boyz): $16,000
  • Miscellaneous jewelry (bling that was likely confiscated the second he walked in the door): $10,940

The documents reveal that Michael Vick chose to handle most of his business in cash, withdrawing more than $908,000 of the green stuff from his bank accounts in 2007 alone. When you're rich, you don't write checks ...

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