Paul Walker: Engaged to 19-Year-Old Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell!

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Sorry, ladies. Paul Walker is off the market.

And the woman that snagged him isn't old enough to drink legally.

According to Star Magazine, the actor has proposed to his 19-year-old girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.

She's a student at the University Of California Santa Barbara.

Walker is 35 and this couple began dating when he was 32; meaning, yes, Pilchard-Gosnell was 16 at the time.

“Their age difference doesn’t scare him,” said the tabloid’s source. “He knows she’s the one.”

Look for Walker in this summer's Fast & Furious and/or a jail cell near you!




She's not ugly. But WTF 16 ! That's absolutely disgusting. Who would of thought paul walker was a molester. She's now 19 but thats still gross. And ofcourse its okay because hes a celeb. no fu*k that ! Hes freakin paul walker he could get gorgeaous GROWN women wtf is wrong with him


OK, this girl isn't ugly but she's definitely too young fir him! Wtf, Walker??


Omg this girl is sooo young and ugly...I dont know what is he doing with her.??He is Sooooo hot...They dont look good together at alll....


Let Paul do whatever he wants to do. She is beautiful and he is SO hott. I wish i could meet Paul Walker. He is amazing. Im 18 and i wish I could date him..... Hes SO attractive!!!


Guys leave paul alone. if this women makes him happy then let it be. u all should be happy hes happy


I never pegged Paul for a pedophile. SMDH


isn't it illegal to date a minor?


I am sorry, she was only 16 when they started dating...where are her parents in this? I don't care how attractive he is, how successful he is a 32 year old would not be dating my 16 year old. I give him all the credit in the world he got the whole package. I don't blame him, I blame her parents or their lake of parenting.


Paul is his own person. If it is his girlfriend and she makes him happy let him be.. just let him have peace of mind. If its his daughter and the press is saying its his daughter to get people off his back I don't blame him. He is a human being and wants people to let him be.If more people would think about what celebrity go through on a daily basis. It could be really annoying everytime you go some where.. People want autographs , snapshots and sometimes just let that person have their peace of mind. Just say Hi! and go about your business. That's all I want to say ! My opinion..

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