Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge: Expecting!

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In a few months, Bobby Brown will be able to field a basketball team with his set of children.

The singer and longtime girlfriend Alicia Etheridge are expecting a baby, Brown's agent Ravi Dabiesingh told Us Weekly. It will be the fifth for the singer.

"Yes, Bobby is expecting his fifth child from Alicia," Dabiesingh said. "There aren't too many details out there right now, but we do know he is very excited, as Bobby is big on family. The sex of the baby is not known yet, and we can confirm she is four months along."

Brown split with Whitney Houston in 2006. They have one daughter, 15-year-old Bobbi Kristina. He also has a trio of kids from other relationships: Landon, LaPrincia and Bobby Jr.


Yeah Bobby Brown was the love of Whitney's life and the same with Whitney being the love of Bobby's life. With time the wound will heal. None of us really know the truth of why the Houston's are feeling the way and acting the way they are. Family biz and we just stay out of it. They know the truth about there daughter and bobby. I miss Nippy and i wish she was still here to finish seeing Bobbi K. do her thing. She's truly an angel. If Whitney was still here I don't beleive Bobby will still be engaged, he and his wife would reunite, it was already in the making. Alicia you can be with him now and not worry about Whitney she's in a better place. You gone have to worry about someone else


I am deeply saddened that Whitney's family decided to ignore and embarrass the feelings of her ex-husband Bobby Brown and his family. Did they forget that he was the "Love of HerLife"?? She would not have wanted that. Even if they did do drugs together..she decided to continue on that path. This behavior is NOT of GOD. They blame him (Bobby)..still. God doesn't point fingers. Man does. Protecting her fortune from him?? They appear to be the vultures. Saying you are a person of God is one thing. But actually BEING a God-full person is a totally different act. Come on Houston "Family" your true Love for Whitney's spirit..she would have been embarrassed by your ignorant behavior.


I agree he is not the first man that has fallen behind on child support and will not be the last. Why don't u people leave the Houston's alone and please allow them to grieve without all the nasty gossip. Do the media always report when a man falls behind in childsupport? Get a life! Putting everything aside Bobby please man up and take care of your children I know they can use the money.


So what? You are not married to either of these people, so why the nasty comments and so much poking into their business? Leave them alone. It is frankly none of our business.

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