David Beckham Underwear Ads Featured on L.A. Tour Buses: PHOTOS

david beckham in skivvies on la bus

David Beckham debuted his new underwear ad campaign for Swedish clothier H&M during this year's Super Bowl.  The images are now appearing prominently on Los Angeles Starline tour buses with graphics along the sides and back of the people movers.

The first commercial aired for a crowd of 111 million television viewers who collectively witnessed his tattoo covered physique with glimpses of the designer briefs.

Beckham was actually embarrassed while watching it with a crowd of 20 other people during game day.  He said, "I'm very shy.  When it came on I actually didn't know where to look.  It was kind of embarrassing."

Check out another view below.  The graphic is aligned with the red louvered panel on the back of the bus, making it look like a two-toned shirt at first glance:

david beckham sports a spiffy undershirt

Photos:  WENN